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 Yesterday, the cost of the Bitcoin(BTC) transaction reached a record low. Users now only need to pay 1 satoshi per 1 byte in order for their transaction to be included in the next block. In other words, the transaction for a minimum commission will be confirmed in approximately 10 minutes and the average commission fee for BTC, according to, is about 1.23$. Note that during the period of peak Bitcoin prices in December 2017, the commission reached a maximum of  55$  for transfer of BTC .  Among the reasons for the reduction of  those commissions, experts refer to the use of batch processing of transactions by cryptocurrency-exchanges and large organizations.

finally good news. transaction on exchange platforms will be lowered as well. 10 minutes of verification sounds fair, good news to the miners . @jtoption

well, yes its much better now than it was.

In Dec the median daily bitcoin transaction fees where crazy it was more than $10 which really scared traders but it seems its declining steadily since Feb but one thing I believe is this is one hell of an industrialization. Cryptocurrency is a different world and it is getting better

Hi there

thx for update. indeed fees are super low now (no volume)

How have you been doing lately? Thanks for engaging with my posts lately. I appreciate.

Im trying to build a group of like-minded people and I would like to keep in touch with you and support each other on steemit.

So since we were already following each other, then please let me suggest reading this post:

For many new players those kind of contests are great way to start.

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Sorry for 2 separate posts in one topic.

I just noticed that you still really have very little steam power. Try to consider powering up.

I've been following many new members of this community and @achim303 wrote today quite a good post which would explain "Why do we need steem power?"

How to purchase steem power (old article but still valuable):

Hope you're gonna have a good weekend :)
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Thanks for sharing, those are great posts... yes I do need powering up :) I will try and get some steem after the market goes green again .

isnt better to buy steem once it's red and cheap? :)

try to power up at least 50-100$

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