Is this the last chance to buy cheap bitcoin?

in #bitcoin4 years ago

 The price of bitcoin is down to start the day, dropping below $8,000, but  it looks like it just hit the lowest point and bounced right back. Hopefully, we will see the green light by the end of this day. 

 The price of bitcoin was roughly $7,811.22 across global exchanges and the other major cryptocurrencies are also seeing losses as well, including ethereum, which slid below $600 for the first time since mid-February. Ripple's XRP token is down today as well, hitting $0.65 in the morning.

What do you think? Was this the last chance to buy before the price spikes?


Well yes, most of the people are like that. You can not panic in crypto :)

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Without a doubt

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"Without a doubt" was the answer I was waiting for bot :)

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