Today is a historic day in cryptoland

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It is the day that Bitcoin dominance dropped below 50%.

This is a significant milestone for Alternative currencies, coins and blockchains.

The first mover advantage is being transferred to the innovators and STEEM is in the mix at number 10 by coin market capitalization.

I think its appropriate for STEEM to say, "move over big boy we are gunning for you".

With our 3 second block times, zero fees and bitcoin's 10 min blocktimes and escalating fees it is now the dinosaur of cryptocurrencies.


One step at a time, then before anyone notices, number 1.

I thought the Bitcoin blocktime was much longer than 3 seconds.

poorly worded, let me rephrase

Its nothing short of remarkable

I'll take 3 any day!!!

Thank for sharing! I am interested to find out your thoughts on whether we are in a cryptocurrencies bubble now? Here is the DATA which support this my assumption: it looks that we are entering bubble territory for a vast majority of alt coins (except Bitcoin probably). Just think about and analyze the following facts:

  1. At least several dozens alt coins market caps skyrocketed 300%-4000%(yes, four thousand!) recently just over last 2 months!

  2. The beginning of sharp increase happened around middle of March of 2017 for ALL alt coins!

  3. Yes, some alt coins sharp increase is logically justifiable. For example, Ripple XRP: . Maybe there are couple other alt coins where this huge growth is also justifiable.

  4. But for vast majority of other alt coins nothing has changed drastically during the last 2 months! At all! Neither in their technologies development, nor in their business development! But nevertheless, their market cap skyrocketed 300%-4000% in just 2 months!

  5. The only explanation which comes to mind is that huge amount of new capital is coming to cryptocurrencies market. Probably these are the people/investors who have heard about the first wave of Bitcoin and Ethereum successes, and they have a FOMO (fear of missing out) now. They don't have deep understanding of cryptocurrencies space and their differences, but because of FOMO they still invest in all other alt coins hoping to hit jackpot!

  6. Does it remind you anything? Yes, exactly, dot com bubble of 2000 looks very similar!

Therefore, I would expect some kind of significant downside price correction within next several months for the majority of alt coins. Would you agree?

Yes..I observed that too...big developement !!!

Good news too.

It's great to see steem up there. But bitcoin will always be a store of value that provides alot of amazing features.

Basically it is time for all Steemians to develop a cohesive strategy to leverage Ripple's attack on Bitcoin ;-)

A good oldie from Vitalik:

Everything is going nuts, but yes faster transfer and low fees is the key to the future.