State Of Bitcoin: Investor Demographics Shift Will Push Up The Bitcoin Price

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Antonio Madeira reports in Cointelegraph that a shift in investor demographics will help push the bitcoin price up, citing data from Coindance that 50% of Bitcoin investors are millennials.

“As the millennial generation enters into the peak age of investment maturity, we believe this tech-savvy group would propel the significant shift in investor demographics, in turn, increases the propensity of bitcoin investments.”

At the same time, institutional investing is also increasing.

While younger investors are interested in socially responsible projects and will continue to invest in cryptocurrencies as cryptos address these social issues.

"Along with their greater aptitude for technology, millennials also display an increased concern around social issues like discrimination, climate change, and possibly financial inclusion that may soon become one of their points of focus.

Given the potential of cryptocurrency to address many of the issues millennials find problematic with the current financial industry, investing in Bitcoin as a new asset class ticks all the right boxes."

Will all these factors come together and push the price of Bitcoin up in the near future?

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