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RE: Shedding Transparency on Sustainability Projects. (+ Free STEEM)

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@hatu Thank you for the information specially about Klimatas.
Blockchain technology will change the world and it will bring the world to next level just like Internet transformation in last two decades. But here in Internet there is lack of trust where in blockchain trust is the main key.
Indian finance minister consider blockchain as good but crypto currency as evil and few other country also have same opinion. However in country like India it will bring evolution. Like using blockchain in Indian agriculture system where too many small size of land holding by poor farmers can come together and form a chunk size and very few agricultural machines can be applied for farming. It reduce energy, cost, save time, collect data of all small lands, data transparency and more obvious transparency in capital flow. 17%of Indian GDP comes from farming sector so it would be beneficial for economy too. And more important is distress condition of farmers due to burden of lenders or big farmers to return their money with interest may lead to increase in farmer suicide so blockchain may help farmers too.


Thank you for such a specific use case.