Robot Cache wants to be the first blockchain-based digital marketplace for buying/selling video games

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Brian Fargo who is the director of the popular video game "Wasteland" from 1988, is co-founding Robot Cache which wants to be a competitor to Steam, a huge online marketplace where you can buy pc games and indie games for great discounts.

Robot cache has already signed up 22 publishers and 700 games for its blockchain based platform. Robot cache wants to give customers the option to re-sell their game purchases and also the ability to mine their virtual currency called "Iron", when they aren't using their computers.

Lee Jacobson, CEO of Robot Cache, said in an interview with Venture Beat, "Reselling games is huge, with the publishers getting a cut, and gamers being able to make money. Some users want to monetize their digital library. They can play a game for a few months and then sell it back. Then they can use it to buy more games.”

Robot Cache also plans to give game developers and publishers up to 95% of the value from their sales, whereas Steam typically offers up to 70% of the revenue to be given to developers and publishers.

When you sell used games on Robot Cache they will still reward the publisher with 70% of the revenue and the gamer who sells the title will receive 25% of the revenue from the sale.

Robot Cache is based out of San Diego, California and they have worked with big companies in the past such as Apple and Activision. Right now it is also possible to sign up as a game publisher.

The most recent game publishers to join the Robot Cache platform include 1C Publishing, Bigben Interactive, Ci Games, Dankie, Devolver Digital, Headup, Hyperkinetic Studios, Revival Productions, and Running with Scissors, as well as more. Robot Cache plans to have the largest gaming library at launch in the history of video games.

The Robot Cache team has since abandoned the idea of making the "Iron" currency an ERC-20 token because of the SEC's recent crackdown on ICO's and security tokens. It looks like Iron will not be a tradeable token, but that it will be used to mine on the platform in order to pay for games over time.


Incredible. I liked very much!

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Great post, I think Robo cache is also partnering with WAX Blockchain and they wanted to do an Airdrop to Wax holders, but I'm not sure if that is still there plan?

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Yes, I remember seeing the partnership with WAX coming soon. I think this is going to be a great project, and since they are skipping the ICO which I think is the right move, there is no pressure to buy anything ahead of time.

u mean like steam version blockchain.What we will get next? a virtual blockchain waifu for people that are lonely like me xD

Yes, it will be very similar to Steam except it will probably be a little bit easier to buy and sell games. Maybe using a credit or debit card won't be required. They might allow people to pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Honestly, people are more familiar with Steam, I don't think they even care about the blockchain system
Anyway great post

Yeah, there is nothing wrong with Steam, but this could definitely help the mainstream pay more attention to crypto.

If they implement this the E-sports community will double in size and the amount of casual gamers will tripple. Many games have to be paid and if crypto steps in it will allow for far more access. Fingers crossed ;)

Very good information @the4thmusketeer

It's nice to see how visionaries challenge centralized companies with blockchain technology, these are projects that are worth seeing advancing to the top. Thank you for sharing this information.

All the best, Piort.

Hi, crypto piotr I'm sorry I haven't been good about replying to messages. I've been very busy on Steem and building other businesses. Thanks, I value your support and opinions here.

I fully understand @the4thmusketeer and i appreciate your comment

I hope you've been doing well. Just noticed that you published post about influencers in crypto. Cool. I think I will like this topic a lot. Bookmarked it and will read right before bedtime.


Maybe I'm dating myself, but I use to live Wasteland!

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I'm too young to have really played that game. But I'm old enough to have memories playing Nintendo 64 and more.

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Steem Monsters will still be successful without this.

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