Track your Steem, Steemdollar and Bitcoin in one place!

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For those of you who like to keep track of their bitcoin investment, I have something for you.

Since I've started investing in bitcoin I input all the data available into an Excel sheet. That way I would always be able to keep track of how much fiat money I invested and how much it is currently worth.

I would always input the BTC price manually, but was tired of doing this every time. I know that this is possible though google docs, but I prefer to have my spreadsheet offline. After a bit of internet searching I came across this document on reddit.


I decided to incorporate this online spreadsheet into my own Excel sheet and automate the process of grabbing the BTC price from the internet.


Note that you have several tabs of sheets in this Excel document. In the profit tab you have a nice overview of all your funds. Here you see your profit and return on investment! In the profits tab I have given some example queries you can do from several exchanges and websites to get the latest bitcoin price. Just make sure you appoint cell D2 to the price you want to get. I've included Euros and Dollars.

In the top left I've included a currency display switch. If you change the currency over in the A2 cell you will change the currency everywhere. Pretty handy dandy right!


In the BTC Bought tab you have an overview with everything you've bought in bitcoin. Just remember to keep it updated!


In the BTC Spend tab you can see how much pizza you have ordered with your bitcoin. All this is included to calculate the current amount of bitcoin in the Profits tab.


Finally I added a little overview for your steem dollars too, no worries those prices can be live queried too! Or just head over to, which ever you like.

Get your excel sheet here!

If you have any inputs, let me know!


One of the most frustrating parts about owning any amount of digital currency is being able to track when I bought it and how much I paid for it. Bitcoin, alone, is annoying. But now add in that I own ETC and Steem and it can become annoying.

Thank you for creating this spreadsheet. I'm really excited to use this over the coming years. :)

Wow. This will definitely come in handy. Cheers @thebatchman

Wow great! thanks for the sheet, gonna test it right now

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