Start Earning Bitcoins With FreeBitCoin (50% of my commissions go to my team)

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A great way to start getting bitcoins through faucet-type site

Faucet is a sites that pings bitcoins for their users. And just as a drop of water takes some time to drip from the tap, so it happens on these sites until you can collect the bitcoin coins.

Faucets turn out to be the gateway to the world of cryptos. Now more than ever it’s the right time to start having bitcoins, and other digital currencies. These faucet sites release small amounts of bitcoin (Satoshi) and the site member only has to visit it and collect the bitcoins in a given time interval.

How it works?

The faucet I am using at the moment is considered one of the best and is called FreeBitCoin. Its working is really simple because after an hour we just have to click on the captcha (for the site to make sure it is a human that is interacting with the site) and click on the ROLL button.

The first image shows the time it takes for the site to allow a new collection of bitcoins, in this case, 46 minutes and 35 seconds. It also shows that the audible warning option is activated when the countdown reaches zero.

Captura de ecrã 2018-08-07, às 23.03.14.png

As soon as the countdown reaches zero (after an hour has started), we can click on the ROLL button and according to the number drawn, a certain amount of bitcoins is won. The higher the number, the greater the gain.

You can leave the browser window open and if you have the option enabled, a beep will sound when the counter reaches zero. No one is required to visit the site at all times, but of course the more times you visit the site each day, the more bitcoins you will earn and accumulate to your balance.

In the next image, the time has expired and the ROLL button is available to pick up the bitcoins.

Captura de ecrã 2018-08-07, às 23.08.57.png

How can I request payment?

You can request payment in the following ways:

Instant: within 15 minutes you receive the amount you request (this payment is subject to fees);
Slow: within 6 to 24 hours you receive the amount you request (this payment is subject to fees but are less than the instant payment);
Automatic: Sundays are made payments (this payment has no fees).

Are there other ways to earn bitcoins on this site?

Yes, you can earn more bitcoins in FreeBitCoin in three different ways:

  1. By being part of the mining pool, you can "borrow" the processing power of your PC to solve the hash of the transactions. You can adjust the number of threads and it can be a lower number when you are working on the computer and a higher number if you leave the PC on and you are not using it. This process is interesting because the site provides you with an address that can be inserted into more than one device for mining. (I don’t recommend this, you might get scared with your electric bill…)

  2. When you have a balance greater than 0.0003 (30 000 Satoshi) FreeBitCoin will apply an interest rate and will credit you with this interest to your earnings.

  3. When you invite people to join the site and join your team, you earn a commission. Your guests are never withdrawn to pay you. FreeBitCoin is what pays you a premium for suggesting and getting new users to your site, since it is beneficial to them, since they can have more publicity, and for you, since you increase your earnings.

In addition, you can share those earnings with the members you've raised. To those who are part of my team, I will distribute 50% of my commissions in order to reward your work.

Captura de ecrã 2018-08-07, às 23.16.42.png

If you want to earn bitcoins and use FreeBitCoin CLICK HERE. To confirm that you are already part of my team leave a message in the comments and I will check your registration. If not you will receive 50% of my commissions anyway :)

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Happy Earnings And Stay Cool!




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