Animoca Brands and WAX collaborate to accelerate virtual item and crypto collectible trading on blockchain world

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Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, is satisfied to advertise that it's fulfilled a term sheet for collaboration and an exchange of worth with Exposition Park Holdings SEZC, the corporate overseeing the Worldwide plus eXchange, or WAX (“WAX”), the worldwide e-commerce platform for the trade and exchange of virtual things.


WAX was created by the creators of OPSkins™, the most important virtual item marketplace, that has expedited over a hundred and fifty million purchases of digital collectibles. WAX provides a whole suite of blockchain-based tools that enables anyone to trade digital things instantly and firmly, to anyone, anywhere. Since its launch in July 2018, WAX has become the largest blockchain within the world by dealings volume, with quite five million peer-to-peer trades of digital collectibles on a daily basis.

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The Company is collaborating with WAX to drive mass-market adoption of blockchain-based collectible virtual things, to use WAX's many daily transactions to expand the reach of subsidiary Pixowl's The Sandbox into the gamer community, and to additional increase the utility of each companies’ various platforms.
The Sandbox is proved decentralized , community-driven platform wherever creators are going to be ready to monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. It's developed by Pixowl, the game studio recently obtained by Animoca Brands. The Sandbox is already a booming mobile franchise (with forty million installs, seventy million worlds created, and 1.2 million monthly active players) and also the blockchain version for mobile, MAC and PC is launching later in 2019.

The Company expects that the choice to sell and trade digital assets on WAX can boost The Sandbox users’ loyalty and incentivise them to come up with more content, enriching the whole community and ecosystem. Animoca Brands can collect a share of the revenue generated by each dealings on WAX that involves assets for The Sandbox.

Mutual exchange of worth

Under the Agreement, WAX and Animoca Brands are initiating a mutual exchange of worth US$250,000, whereby Animoca Brands can exchange common stock of its stock for the equivalent worth in WAX tokens. The swapped shares and tokens are going to be subject to a 24 month escrow phase.
The number of Animoca Brands shares to be issued are going to be calculated as US$250,000 transformed into Australian bucks and divided by a deemed issue valuesupported the 21-day volume weighted average value of the Company’s shares (listed on the ASX) as of 11.01. 2018. the corporate intends to issue the shares utilising its existing placement capability below ASX Listing Rule / 7.1.


Management comment

William Quigley, the CEO of WAX, said:“We designed the WAX platform for global digital commerce. WAX processes more e-commerce transactions on a blockchain than any other company. By combining strengths with Animoca Brands, we can ensure that all players have a positive experience when they buy, sell and trade The Sandbox in-game virtual items to anyone in the world.”

Yat Siu, the co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands, said:“The relationship with WAX that we announced today expands the Animoca Brands network and boosts opportunities for synergy, enabling improved monetisation of our and our partners’ NFTs and other digital assets on a well-established e-commerce platform that is also the most transacted blockchain globally.”

Arthur Madrid, the CEO of Pixowl, commented: “We are entering a user generated creative renaissance in blockchain gaming, in which players will increasingly make and control their content. At Pixowl and Animoca Brands, we are focused on making The Sandbox a truly player-centric gaming ecosystem that lets you create, own and trade virtual goods in the form of non-fungible tokens such as avatars, buildings, or weapons. Thanks to our partnership with WAX, these non-fungible tokens created by The Sandbox community can be made available for trade on one of the world's most significant digital assets marketplaces.”

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