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On February 1 at 3pm Pacific Standard Time, eight Circuit Studios can formally begin closed playtest access for the self-funded indie title, Project Genesis. Contributors in closed playtesting have up as advocates of Project Genesis in social media platforms, like Discord. throughout this section of testing, players can contribute feedback which will be analyzed by the event team to tell choices on the direction of the game. Project Genesis is presently in pre-production and is currently taking signups on for the chance to urge concerned in each current and future waves of testing.


The closed playtests can offer the foremost exclusive access to any players, cited as test Pilots. test Pilots are hosted by the development team in little teams and canbe capped supported a restricted range of Steam keys and therefore the desires of the developers.


Terry Hammer, Producer of Project Genesis, explains “We’re looking for those who love first person shooter games and space combat with an interest in helping shape the direction of a new genre. If you care about game quality and want to experience a unique take on frenetic space combat, apply to be a Project Genesis Test Pilot today.”

After the earliest test Pilots have terminated closed playtesting, a conventional Alpha stage are proclaimed and a lot of wide out there. the final timeframe of the open Alpha is scheduled to start in Summer of 2019.

For a chance be a part of and contribute to the direction of Project Genesis, a first person and space combat genre mashup in space, prospective test Pilots will submit each AN email address on the Project Genesis web site and be a part of the speech in Discord.

Project Genesis’ distinctive attribute within the blockchain space is that it’s a AAA-style game using the UNREAL 4 engine. although this engine has been createdwidespread by games like Fortnite, its use remains rare in the blockchain game business.


The goal in utilizing the ETHEREUM blockchain is for Game Items to be ready to move through each a range of platforms and games. The technology permits for free-flowing and eternal possession by players – a desire that’s beginning to gain a lot of attention and traction by long-time gamers, although the amount of game businessveterans developing on the technology continues to be little.

8 Circuit Studios is taking a special approach to the same old stress on possession to that the crypto community has become accustomed. whereas exchange and value speculation have received a high degree of focus, 8 CIRCUIT STUDIOS is instead accentuation attachment and desiring to in-game assets which will, in turn, instill players with price that’s a lot of dynamic.

Characters are AN expression of a player’s digital identity and thus are the most effective candidates for making this price. As a result, characters are a very importantpart of playtesting.

If you’re curious about this novel new approach to digital assets and the way they’re going to be valued in the future or enjoy customizing a goodvary of in-game things, then playtesting Project Genesis might be a good alternative for you.

System needs for Playtest:

To expertise the ground-breaking technology in closed playtests, the subsequent system needs are needed:

Desktop PC

Windows 7 64-bit or later

Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster

NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher


For the newest, up-to-date news, connect with 8 Circuit Studios on ​Discord​, ​Twitter,​ Facebook​, and ​YouTube​.

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