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What is Stellar?

The Stellar Network was founded in 2014 by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim. It operates all the transactions as well as the Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency. The company's maxim is "Money could move like email".
The cryptocurrency Lumens is inscribed as XLM tokens. The platform Stellar Lumens permits users to trade the currency between all the digital networks.

The Stellar Development Foundation is registered as a non-profit organization. this suggests that you simply won't be charged for your transactions with high fees. Anyway, they settle for “donations”.


To charm to centralized monetary platforms and enterprise organizations, Stellar is very regulative compliant and boasts a period settlement of 2-5 seconds.

The practicality of Stellar Lumens network
The platform is recognized as being decentralized. You'll purchase, sell or exchange Lumens tokens on: Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, and alternative on-line cryptocurrency exchanges platforms.

The Lumens’ main characteristic is anti-spam network. Because of low fees for every dealings, the attacks are not possible to require place.


A rule to stay your account active is to own a minimum of twenty Lumens in your wallet. This demand can facilitate developers to separate the authentic users from the offline ones. This is often additionally a key base for a powerful security.

Stellar boasts a inherent decentralized exchange (DEX) that enables ICOs to bypass the protracted and frustrating exchange listing method.
Startups are ready to establish custom ICOs on the Stellar network, permitting users to mix abstractions into tailor-made structures that facilitate dividend supply, bonds, collateralized debt, and escrow. Whereas Stellar might not provide the identical smart contract practicality as the Ethereum network, some projects have already chosen Stellar as the platform for their ICO launch, like the extremely successful Mobius ICO.

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The Stellar Development Foundation also is collaborating with IBM Corporation, they'll work along to style a replacement era for blockchain technology. the guarantees created by the partnership are: lower fees for establishments and improved transactions system. It appears to be an enormous chance for technology. Not solely developed countries can enjoy advanced payment network anyplace within the world, however additionally those with high potential.

In conclusion, I think The price for Lumens is growing up hour by hour. It appears to be a good network to take a position in. you'll be able to purchase the cryptocurrency anyplace on the marketplace. The Stellar Lumens assures users that's a powerful platform with distinctive facilities for on-line payment services.


Website: https://www.stellar.org/

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i like ur artical about stellar , i believe on stellar like a project :) what u think about it @thegames . Do you think it exceeds $ 1

Stellar is one of my favorites and I believe it will exceed $ 1 😃 !!!

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