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Bitcoin Kill Zone V2

Sometimes price action is not the only reason to trade the market. Time is also important. We have 3 major financial hubs in the world to consider. Beijing China, London England and New York. In a traditional market like Forex or Stocks they are not traded 24 hours a day like Cryptocurrency. That does not mean that Crypto doesn't have opens and closes of markets to effect the price action. Institutional traders still trade the same time frames as traditional markets. Thats where the big money is. I leanred one thing very fast as a trader. Follow the big money. Leave the little money for the retail traders. In this video I will explain the details of the Kill zones aka market open and close. I hear people say a lot that they dont have all day to trade so they HODL. Thats no excuse because most day traders will make all your money in a few 1 hour blocks in a day. You just have to know when to trade.


Forex trades 24 hrs per day 5 days a week excluding the most important holidays.

The only thing that worries me is that during the weekends, when the stock market is closed, it seems the big institutional money is being traded by bots that put spoof trades into the market which are new executed but just drive prices and sentiment up and down, so there is no real way of judging the real level of supply and demand. Is this a problem you find and are you able to get round this ?

This is crypto. Nothing is set in stone. Im sure a lot of institutional traders still trade on the weekends in crypto. I dont think that is bots doing those large spoof orders you see on Bitfinex. I think they are doing that manually. I think most of the institutional bots are accumulation bots so they arent noticed when they are loading up their accounts and selling off large position.

Thanks. Can I ask what the website or software is you are using in the video? Oh, and do you think George Soros will be going long on btc, or shorting it on the futures? What’s your guess? Are these bull traps we see in the killing zones? When do think the otc trades are most likely to take place?

Sure no problem. Here is a link for Free account for charts and technical analysis Tradingview

I dont follow the whole news things to be honest. Charts never lie to me so thats what i trade. OTC has nothing to do with this. They are private and off the books so it doesnt effect the market slippage. Not sure on the bull traps I would have to look at specific ones to make that determination

RIP Bitcoin. Gone but not forgotten.

Awesome video and great info. This really helps to clarify the large market moves and why they happen the way they do. I appreciate the time you take to put this together.

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To follow up on this, as companion information I thought this might be helpful to others. I did a search and came up with a page that has the major market hours.

(If you prefer to not click through google "world stock exchange trading hours")

This can all be done on the charts itself. Charts go by UTC time but can be changed to the time zone of the trader

this is something i have been wondering about but have never delved deeper into.

thanks for taking the time to help us noobs

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