There Is a Threat to all Cryptocurrencies Even Bitcoin Due to Quantum Computer

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Introduction To Quantum Computers

For people who don't know what Quantum Computer is, It's a whole new type of computer which uses qubits instead of bits. Meaning, it can solve equations at a mind-boggling speed.

Think about the World No 1 Super Computer "Tianhe-1"
Here is Problem
Factor Of A Number M=P X Q
For Example, We give a Number M and Said the Computer to find P and Q
You Have Given Tianhe-1 A this Problem It takes Nearly 28,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Years to Solve it.Source
But In Quantum Computer You Give the Same problem it takes Only 100 Seconds to Solve it So Just Imagine the Speed Of Quantum Computer.

This Means to Get Your Secure Private Wallet Key It takes nearly 0.02 Seconds
This Is Happening Be Prepared For the Worst.
Check Out Other Source

How is Quantum Computer Threat to Cryptocurrencys

Read The Sources
Now As you Know the Speed to Quantum Computers To Crack Any Wallet it takes nearly 2 billion years with Current Powerful Computer But with Quantum Computers I will Be cracked With 0.2 Seconds.
Recently IBM Launched A Quantum Computers Which you Can try on Colud it Has 5 Qubits.
But The Thing is why Still People Are using Cryptocurrencies is This is Still Under Development But not So long It will Be Possible.
Many people Thing The Falling Of Bitcoin Was Due to Quantum Computers Pose Imminent Threat to Bitcoin Security.
Please Comment What You Think On Quantum Computers and let Other People Know About it.
Thank you For your Time


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