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RE: VW Van (update) and living within your means and why you should buy just a bit of bitcoin. Thailand pictures continued, Merry Christmas!

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"Also, cypto-currency is only .0004% of the global money supply. Because of the word currency in its name which most are not (bitcoin) we should see a 1-4% placement in professional money manager target allocations. This is 1000-10000x up potential. "

Can't wait to see this happen! It's the only reason I am hodling every last bit, despite my huge profits in the last months :D


Thx, I would agree with some profit taking I am only 98% sure.

Good Santa :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

sir can i have your email ? i need some personal suggestion from you about crytpo investment
.plz replay me .

i regret of having no any bitcoin other all the smart one taking advantage and i have to see them on this stage bitcoin goes up its price to much i can afford it 😢


It must have been a great show
But what did not understand that 80% of Chinese tourists
Is this a reference to their number over one billion

hey friend @trumpman ... i appreciate you comment and you real talking in bitcoin profits.....
i pray for you friend @greenman ,,, ,nicely travel
carefully travel friend @greenman
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greenman

A lot of friends gave you good information.
These information will be of great help to all of us. We will survive many dangers.
Thank you very much for sharing so much beautiful posts. @greenman

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year