EUROPEAN CRYPTO BANK - The first cryptocurrency bank and the trading platform on the blockchain!

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Cryptocurrencies come to our life at a rapid pace, almost every second person has heard about cryptocurrencies, but have you heard about a cryptocurrency bank, and even with your own trading platform? Most likely not, and today we will talk with you about the first cryptocurrency bank in Europe - EUROPEAN CRYPTO BANK (hereinafter ECB), what kind of bank is it, when it will function and how? And most importantly, what prospects do we expect from the use of such banks and what are the prospects for investing in this project!


To begin with, this is not a completely new startup, started from scratch, it is a joint project of already well known large companies in Europe for 10 years, such as FORGUES GESTION France, FORGUES GESTION UK, and WOOSPEAK. Thus, we receive a company with self-financing at its own expense. It's not difficult to guess that this gives a huge + to the piggy bank of this project!
Another interesting fact is that their Beta-platform showed great interest from large investors, which actually influenced the further development of this platform more widely.

Already in this 2018 year, a project on the trade exchange and the exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat money of various countries will be launched.



  • Tax and legal assistance. (Undoubtedly tax support is a huge plus in avoiding problems with national tax services)
  • Robot consultants providing advice on finance and investment for new customers. (It does not matter whether you are new to the field of crypto currency or not, robots will come to the rescue, they are equipped with artificial intelligence and work on smart contracts)
  • Financial analysis of the cryptocurrency market. (There are many options for providing analysis of the cryptomarket in our time, but there is not one official and licensed, and the ECB will have)
  • Crediting in cryptocurrencies and fiat. (Imagine how great this is, you can take out a loan in the Cryptocurrency and at the same time trade on their own platform)
  • Exchange of cryptocurrency between each other and at fiat money (an important problem in our time is the exchange of crypto currency for fiat money, here this problem will be solved with increased security due to already proven KYC and AML software, which they have successfully used for 9 years. money will be very diverse)
  • Security of funds (All of our funds will be stored in a decentralized vault)



  • The finished product - An important aspect of the quality of the project is the finished product, here it is already ready and tested
  • Experienced team - Here the team with a huge and successful experience in the field of finance, more than 9 years.
  • Financing - Everything is very good here, because self-financing is carried out at the expense of existing companies, so even if they do not collect hardcap, the project will develop without any problems.
  • Listing on the stock exchanges - Immediately after the ICO, it is planned to issue tokens to known exchanges.
  • The situation on the market - The most profitable time for investing in ICO projects, when the market fell, as we get coins when the market grows. Often there is a pamp of new coins, immediately after entering the exchanges!


Start - ICO is already on (at the current stage 10% discount)
The price of the token is from 0.567 euro to 0.63 euro
The end is on May 1
The team of the project is very experienced and large, more than 25 people.


To be honest, I have been waiting for such a project for a long time, since all my assets are not kept safe and not only my but all investors. And since our funds can be stored in a licensed cryptocurrency bank with full security and for all that, they will not lie idle, and we will receive a percentage of our assets!
Invest in this ICO can be with a great guarantee, as the product already exists, financing is there, the fees are going well, and the sphere is very promising and necessary in our time!

The site for the sale of the tokens:
Telegram chat of the project:
Learn the whitepaper:
Also ECB on Bountyhive:


A good project with a strong foundation represented by well-known European companies! I hope for their success!

It is good to see your amazing content my dear friend @veseloff. Thanks for came a long to my post. Greeting from @chanthasam

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Great post! Very enlightening!
Thank you for sharing this valuable information with the community.
Greetings from @ferreira.midia
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