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Lately, there have been more and more projects that are attracting funds to scale business through the ICO. Such projects have a high degree of realizability, because the business model of the business has already taken place. To this category of projects is Gem4me, which will be discussed in our review today. This messenger, which has 5 million users. It is positioned how a payment messenger, which will be used both by users for contactless transactions of money and information, and by entrepreneurs to organize a business. The product will include the most advanced technologies, including Blockchain, chat bots, artificial intelligence and others. Let's talk about this project in more detail.


The Gem4me messenger has been in existence for three years. And during this time the project team had time to notice that users of instant messengers order goods and services in third-party store applications. This raises a number of problems:

  • You need to install a mobile application for each store. It takes the phone's memory and takes time to master the interface of each store;
  • for payments in online stores you need to enter payment data. This increases the risk that a store will be hacked and data stolen;
  • for entrepreneurs there is no single site for the organization of commercial activities, which will be directed at smartphone users;
  • for the globalization of business, it is necessary to take into account the legal nuances of different countries, which requires considerable resources from entrepreneurs;
  • for owners of crypto currencies, there is no single solution for mobile payments of pripot currencies in online stores.

    With these problems, one way or another face almost 3.5 billion users around the world.



Gem4me Market Space is a blockchain platform for operations with crypto currencies, combined with a messenger. With its help, entrepreneurs will be able to organize international business anywhere in the world, and users have access to products and services in a single interface.

Gem4me includes several key technologies:

  1. Messenger and chat bots. These technologies provide a single algorithm for the interaction of participants in the processes of the system.
  2. Artificial intelligence. With its help, the regularities of the system will be revealed in order to accumulate user experience and provide users with cases and solutions of various tasks.
  3. Blockchain technology. It allows you to avoid commissions on transactions and provides transparency for business process participants.
  4. Advertising platform based on artificial intelligence. It will allow you to deliver advertising information as accurately as possible, which will save the marketing budget.


    The possibilities of communication within the Gem4me system are unlimited.


    For ordinary users, it is the ability to order or pay for any product or service. For example, reserve a table in a cafe or rent a bicycle. For entrepreneurs it is an opportunity to organize a user service of almost any complexity. And also to form the internal infrastructure of your business. For example, enter into a labor agreement with a freelancer or organize a customer support service.

    Also in the messenger Gem4me Market Space a crypto purse is built in. It will allow the use of crypto currency, both inside the system and outside it.

    Gem4me has already spent $ 25 million on product and business development. This project also has strategic partnerships and agreements with world-class business stars. For example, the technical part of the product is developed by the SYNESIS studio, which developed the mobile application Viber.



Gem4me Market Space consists of a well-coordinated world-class team. On the project site there are links to Linkedin of each participant.




The project Gem4me Market Space is on a close presale at the moment. Applications for a whitelist are accepted.



Gem4me Market Space deserves attention for several reasons. First, it is an available technological base in the form of a functioning product. Secondly, it is a user base of five million users around the world. Third, a cohesive team that attracts funds through the ICO to scale and improve the existing business.


Official sources of Gem4meMarketSpace project



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Gem4me has a user base of five million users around the world. This is a solid fact that we must focus on this project. It creates naturally more possibility for its success. Thank for article.

Yes! This is a key factor. The project also has a cool blog:

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sounds like a good idea and addictive, good to follow

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