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Advertising bored everyone. It is better not to see any advertising at all. Many make such decisions and install various blockers, depriving themselves of the opportunity to receive really beneficial offers from advertisers. How to make it so that advertising is not intrusive, and offers only what is really interesting to learn more closely? The project from Silicon Valley called VIDY has developed a solution that allows you to get acquainted with the advertising offer in a convenient unobtrusive way and pay for viewing real money advertising. Today in our review of ICO startup VIDY from America.


Advertising is so boring to the consumer that they are ready to go to various tricks to get rid of it. Only the AdBlock program for blocking advertising is used on 600 million computers and smartphones.


This entails economic consequences for both users and advertisers. Users stop receiving promotional offers that could potentially solve their problems. Advertisers spend more and more advertising budgets to reach the consumer's attention.

It's time to come up with something radically new.


Vidy is a technology for which a patent has been obtained. This plugin, which allows you to highlight texts on the Internet, which contain relevant text. Next to them is the icon "Tongue", pointing the cursor on which opens a mini screen, allowing you to get an advertising proposal.


If the offer is liked by the user, then he can go to him to get to know him better. If not, just remove the cursor from the icon. During the entire time of viewing advertising Vidy pays tokens, which can then be exchanged on the exchange for any other currency.

Vidy allows you to make low-frequency target hits a record ratio. Thus, the price for the attracted consumer is significantly reduced.

In this solution, a number of key advantages over any other advertising:

  • Firstly, advertising is hidden from the view of the consumer and does not interfere with it;
  • Secondly, the consumer himself decides whether it is interesting for him to look at the advertisement;
  • Third, the consumer, in any case, will receive material compensation for viewing the advertisement.

    Vidy tracks the time that has been paid to advertising. To give him the appropriate number of VidyCoins tokens and send analytical information to the advertiser.

    The bandwidth of the advertising channel also increases. The user consumes much more advertising if he does not switch between the windows and receives advertising content literally during the consumption of the main content. This mechanics allows the consumer to be aware of all new products that may interest him. And the advertiser is more effective and more accurate in delivering advertising to potential consumers.

    There are three ways to benefit from Vidy.


    For retaining advertising, you can earn VidyCoins. Vidy allows you to make a purchase with one click on ads. And VidyCoins tokens can also be used as an advertising budget for advertisers.

    For the advertiser, there are four types of subscription, on each of which it receives different opportunities.


    Ecosystem Vidy is designed in such a way that allows you to place advertising on millions of pages with relevant text. All this can not do without miners and the technology of Blockchain. This approach allows you to avoid various cheating and provide micro financial transactions.



The history of Vidy is quite common in the Silicon Valley. It began in one of the rooms of the Harvard dormitory, where Patrick Collangelo came up with Vidy.

In a short time, the Vidy team consists of engineers and entrepreneurs of high class, the best in their field. Over the shoulders of most of them, not one successful startup with revenues of over a million dollars.




Token distribution



VIDY is notable for its technology and a team that is able to effectively bring this to the market. The closed preseed have been successfully. It will be interesting to observe the ICO of the star from the Silicon Valley.


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Blockchain technology will completely revolutionize every industry including the ads industry. In the ads industry, It is here to fix the real huge issues facing advertisers/publishers and this kind of excites me since I am a publisher myself. Application of blockchain technology in the advertisement industry is a field/something I have had a huge interest in. That is why Vidy happens to be among the list of blockchain projects I have been following up on and at the same time done a thorough research on. It sure is a great amazing project and one of the most promising in the blockchain space. Time to make advertising great again :) And by the way thank you for this article.

Thank you!!!!

I like your blog. keep it up.

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