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RE: STEEM Update: Frustrated as to why STEEM Isn't Going Higher??

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Good to hear, def been a hurry up and wait with this one!

On a different note, for those who had EBTC and missed the swap and got screwed (like myself) here is a possible piece of good info to recoup any losses. Not TA (sorry Haejin) but hoping it helps anyone that lost out from the swap. Could be a good time to buy in right now. Straight from the EBTC telegram admin:

Gio Van:
ETA: 14/11/2017 - 10 am GMT!
Make sure you dont miss it!


The link is a George timer

Ha yeah that was just included to tell people the time zone difference I believe.
Here's a screenshot of the actual message. Actually went up over 100% a couple hours after I posted this. Seems to be correcting a bit now.