FunctionX: Offering A Decentralized Internet Network Through Block chain Technology Worldwide

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The future phase of the inter-net hopes to be a non-centralized one that will have its basis on block-chain network. For this prediction, the team behind this project responded by working hard to take the lead among others in this new development by creating a non-centralized eco-system known as FunctionX, to power the inter-net. This system consists of images, applications and all kinds of data.

It refers to an eco-system established on block-chain non-centralized platform. This means that operation on the eco-system is absolutely non-centralized and are properly protected to the core.

Furthermore, it is simply an app source, its transmission protocol and hardware is an integral component of the non-centralized platform.

The FunctionX eco-system is made up of 5 core parts which are;

Components Of FunctionX

• FunctionX OS: It provides a block-chain non-centralized OS that can function on mostly smartphones such that any task done on this platform has no interference from any intermediary.

• FunctionX Distributed Ledger: It handles the entire network. In this case, data is saved and verified in a secured system via the help of block-chain tech.

• FunctionX IPFS: It is formed to store info in a distributed system such that anytime the file saved on this network is urgently required, it will be accessed without difficulty..

• FXTP Protocol: It offers the rule of mode for data transmission via a network. Therefore, it handles the transmission protocol for non-centralized network.

• FunctionX Decentralized Docker: In this system applications function in a non-centralized pattern, it has capacity to save, deploy, and run codes remotely in a non-centralized approach.


The Vision Behind This Project

Vision backing the invention of FunctionX is focused on powering the next era of inter-net in a non-centralized platform. Based on this, there is bound to be rejuvenation and improvement on the recent traditional system and building a secured infrastructure that is absolutely free from monopoly and non-centralization.

The team is focused on making operations on this platform open, transparent and completely non-centralized as much as they can in order to make the OS available and usable by others who want to establish smart centralized devices.

To make this blueprint become realistic, the team is set to operate continuously in a transparent and synergic manner to make things work as planned. The basic foundation of its progress and improvement, is based on the community.

Tokenomics On FunctionX

This project is a fully non-centralized eco-system having various functions that allows it lead the ideology of non-centralized Inter-net. Therefore it makes use of a token(F(x) coin) that pushes its operating activities. This coin comprise of all Cryptocurrencies attributes which includes non-centralization, fixed supply, fair distribution, allocation and control.

The token is guarded by the team who plays the role of a storekeeper in order to ensure fairness in the distributions of this coin and its setup as well. It also in their plan to ensure it functions effectively by itself.


Many industries intends to adopt non-centralized eco-systems in their operations, especially for the inter-net industry and ICT. FunctionX was established by this brilliant team to outrightly revive the block-chain eco-system.

Finally, establishing the first block-chain phone gives users total control over each of their personal data. This is a highly revolutionary project and its expected to carry out its functions effectively as it improves over time.

To Find out more about FunctionX, please check the website below:

Concept paper:
ANN thread:

Written by Fashkin (;u=2654060)


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