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RE: How to buy Bitcoin in the Eurozone - Comment acheter du Bitcoin dans la zone euro

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Hi Sorin,
It's a great idea to give Bitcoin or any altcoin as a Christmas present. It would be nice to talk this idea a even further and to give crypto as a birthday present.
What do you think?

I had dinner with a friend of mine and he paid for the meal. I suggested to sent him my share in Bitcoin, so now he has a wallet too. :)


Great idea to take opportunities to give people reasons for having a non-empty wallet. IMO, when paying for meals in crypto it's best to use "stablecoins". My favorite of course is SBD (not that "stable" but close enough for my taste)

Thanks. That's a great idea too.
I feel like they get more excited about crypto when I sent Bitcoin or altcoins.
Because, when the coin they received pumps, I will ask them: "How do you feel today, you are getting rich?"
"Yes, Ethereum jumped 25% today"
And then they start reading about it etc.

Also I like to share things. It's more fun when your friends are making some money at the same time. So hopefully 2019 will be a better year. :)