Crypto Update - March 5, 2018

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to be continued

Hello Crypto Newie here!

What coins or tokens interests you these days?

For myself, I'm always tight when it comes to money so I try to look for the lowest costing coins. One that will be huge and I mean huge is Veritaseum but too bad the price of one veritaseum is almost $200.00. Some lucky people got it at $6.00 a pop when it first came out, but know that the great Bitcoin Guru Clif High says that it may reach as high as $15,000.00 per token in the future may have some people spinning.

A nice one you may be thinking of getting is PILLAR ( PLR ). It's price is only $0.78 per token. Pillar tokens will be used in order to make the upcoming Pillar wallet run. This I believe will be the cryptocurrency wallet of the future. Some have said that you may be able to even purchase and trade cryptocurrencies on the Pillar wallet.

How about PAYPIE ( PPP ). Poor PayPie, it seems to be a less know token swimming to catch up with Populous ( PPT ) in the world of financial invoicing. But don't worry this little guy is acutally ginormous. I the CPA world ( accountants ) the company behind Vancouver's PayPie is huge. The have many network connections and will do well in the future. The current price is $1.16, the rise will come.

Ever hear of the Cloakcoin? It's a privacy coin with lots of history. Not sure why the price is still low, guessing they do not have as much promo as Monero but rest assured that this Cloakcoin ( CLOAK ) will do very well into the future as it has many, many layers of privacy protect as we enter the time where criminal governments are trying to ban cryptocurrencies because they think cryptos will destroy corrupt entities them, guess they're right. It is rumoured that the Cloakcoin will do as well as Monero. Clif High likes CLOAK. Price $15.57

Though the famous Populous token ( PPT ) is very hight in price. People who have purchased and are purchasing this token right now will see their children and maybe grandchildren thank them in the future as it's looking to be a trust fund for lucky kids of parents who were smart enough to invest into Populous in the early days an d maybe even now it's not too late. A great dividend type earner for many holders. Price $21.49

Welllllp! Even though I do not like 'centralized = criminals' cryptocurrencies like the FEDcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Monero, I need to look at purchasing coins at a lower cost because of my own financial situation. The Ripple coin controlled by bankers who are controlled by criminal elites may be a winner for some people being that the price is still around $0.98 at this time. Hey buy and dump, I guess when the price rises. Don't like pedophiles ...

Have you ever thought about all those lucky individuals who purchase Google and Microsoft stocks before thesecompanies because too expensive to invest into??? Well, you may find that Nebuals ( $7.93 ) and the Theta token ( $0.22 ) interests you:

Nebulas ( NAS ) is like Google on the Blockchain

Theta token ( THETA ) is like YouTube on the Blockchain

How cool is that? It really sucks to be less off right now but I still want to help newbies understand that this might be the big break we need in order to help our families survive the the coming inflation that America's Federal Reserve and Central banks are intentionally creating to make everyone suffer.

By the way, if you don't already know, a YouTuber called JSNIP4 has a video out letting Americans know, especially those living in California that their congress is getting ready to skim off huge portions of the pensions that frail seniors are trying to live upon. If you care about your future pension, you need to watch his video:

Taking Away Pensions from Americans

The above video belongs to YouTuber JSNIP4 at

As the very intuitive Clif High has said many times the 'Rising Tide will Raise All Boats' as Bitcoin rises back to $19,000.00 lifting all the other coins and tokens up with it like the sea, we also shall see it deep down to $13,880.00.

Let's not forget the little guy Electroneum that when adopted by the millions who hold their ETN wallets and spread the news as the 'mobile miner' is launched today March 5, 2018. That we will see the power of the people as they swim away from the Obummer and Killary puppet controlled institutions. You can download the Android APP to begin mining for your Free cryptocurrency ETN in the link below, Apple is giving the Electroneum team a hard time so the Apple APP for mining for free coins right from your own Apple cell phone or device will be a while in it's release. Please be patient as this Electroneum team are very hard working bringing cryptocurrency to everyone even though in poor countries that can not have enough food to eat. ( ETN price $0.07 )

For the newbies who don't know, whenever there are 'forks' like that past Bitcoin Cash fork. Whoever held Bitcoin at the time of the said 'fork' will be gifted an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ). So watch out for any forks upcoming and make sure you purchase and hold certain coins or tokens if you want the free coin or tokens certain groups, teams or companies give out on a specific 'block' on the blockchain. Usually, the date will be announce on the 'official' website. A word of warning, never send your cryptocurrency to wallet address of unofficial accounts as they usually are trying to scam money from you but give you nothing in return.

The Litecoin Cash ( LCC ) and Bitcoin Private ( BTCP ) has just past and some people were able to claim the free coins but be very careful when trying to claim the free coins in the 'new' coin wallet that the private keys that the wallet is from that wallet needs to be emptied and never used again to deposit crypto. Once you've pasted or given out the 'private keys' to a newly forked coin wallet or anyone be sure that your original wallet is empty or else you may be robbed. The 'private key' is like the key to your home, once you've given it out, do not use that wallet again or risk being hacked.

AIRDROP/free coin/forked coin:

There is the Ontology ( ONT ) airdrop to NEO token holders coming where they will airdrop their ONT tokens into the wallets of people who own and hold the NEO token at the specified time. Please be sure that you have your NEO in ERC20 supported wallets like the wallet your can create at

The other Airdrop that I know of is the IQ token airdrop by the Everipedia team to holders of the EOS token. The team will announce the airdrop 2 weeks in advance so that users can make sure that they can have the appropriate token within their ERC20 wallet before the free IQ tokens are magically airdropped into their wallet later.

I hope this information helped some people. But remember I'm not a financial advisor so please do your own research.

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