EMERGENCY ALERT on August 20th

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12 States in America have initiated Emergency Protocol for August 20, 2017.

It seems that around that day a huge eclipse will cover a wide band of the United States and an anticipation of bad things happening or chaos may appear.

People should prepare with extra food and water, just in case. Try not to travel on that day if not necessary.

Also Ambassador Mount States that governors of most States have now given cops the green light to legally 'steal' the money from your pockets as they see fit. The police can now give no reason at all, and take all your cash when they pull you over on the road. This is how criminal our law defenders have become. As the United States enter the final stages of bankruptcy, citizens in the know are rushing to invest their hard earned cash in gold, silver and portable virtual/Crypto currency. You may want to avoid 'Ripple' and the crypto from Wing Cash as both are centralized and controlled by the criminal globalist elites.

More Banks and a Hedge Funds are flooding into the crypto currency area as banks around the world begin to collapse and the United States dollar continues to get devalued as the Federal Reserve increases the interest rates to engineer a Financial Collapse.

If you decide to invest into crypto currencies be sure not to leave too much cryptos on the Bitcoin exchanges for too long as they may get hacked. Bitcoin is estimated to reach $5,000.00 per coin in the near future as the elite controlled central banks and Federal Reserve begin to collapse the fiat currency system.

Link to Ambassador William Mount's Red Alert

It's better to be prepared than not ...

Stay Safe, People!


Better lock my doors ( wait, they're always locked)

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