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So excited about this new ICO that I just found out about.

The 'Electroneum' blockchain is have their ICO. The Electroneum app will be running on their Peer to Peer open source decentralized Blockchain.

Users will be able to mine for Electroneum coins (ETN coins) on their phone and you will also be rewarded extra coins while playing their games.

electroneum ico

While mining crypto like Bitcoin takes a lot of expensive energy and power, Electroneum has found a way to use your phone's CPU to mine for coins enabling anyone whose new to crypto to join the party.

While mining and playing games on Electroneum, you are given real Crypto Currency, ETN coins which you can then send to anyone who has the Electroneum app. The transfer of these coins is free, meaning there are 'no fees' for sending ETN coins to another wallet.
How great is that compared to some other cryptos that have higher fees.

The Electroneum team has their game assets posted up on their Facebook page if you would like to have a look:

Just know that you do not need to play their games in order to 'mine' for coins. The mining of the ETN coins happen in the background of your phone. So I'll be sleeping and I'll let the Electroneum app run on my phone, mining coins all night.

The Electroneum ICO will end on October 31, 2017 Halloween day and their product, the Electroneum app will be live on November 1st. I will be ready with my two phones, to start mining for ETN coins and earning extras on their games ... hmmm, maybe my brother will lend me his phone then I'll be filthy rich, Muhahahaha! Don't get overly greedy with 30, 40 & 50 phones as the Electroneum team have codes in place to prevent people from gaming the system... Their two factor authentication log in should be ready by then also, not to worry about the security.

Paritipate in the ICO now

When Electroneum comes alive in November, it will be in some 40 languages and hope to be reaching 90 countries, worldwide.

On November 1st, while finishing up my Halloween candies, I'll be mining for coins and playing games on Electroneum, how about you?

The creators will be having their goals of introducing Electroneum to merchants and stores are a form of crypto payment. Woah! Mine coin and purchase merchandise all on your own phone, how cool is that!

Each token costs only $0.01 cents and this week, you will be given an extra 40% in tokens during the ICO and when you use My referral code: 535E79
you will also receive an additional 1.00% in token coins on top of that.

Remember the Electroneum Token Sale ends on Halloween Day but don't wait till the end or you will miss out on your Bonus Tokens!


  • Happy Gaming & Mining to You All!

I strongly recommend to get into Electroneum! And if so u can use my link for some bonus coins for me and for u :)
Electroneum Signup Offer

Very attention-grabbing and informative post shared followed and upvoted. @yoona Wish you the best with all your future endeavors.

Thank you so much! Hoping everyone can get into cryptos as this can save some lives in countries where it's difficult to live for some who have little money.

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