ICO: Initial Token Offering for SALT LENDING

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Wow! This world of cryptos that is opening up more and more each day and revealing more ways to use cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I participated in one or two ICOs, nothing big but last week I discovered a new ICO that many may be interested in.

As Bix Weir at Road to Roots has said the 'SALT Lending' ICO may help many as the tokens allow you to monetize your crypto currencies without selling them.

The SALT ICO is today, August 15, 2017

If you need more information of how this SALT Lending platform works, see link below ⬇️


I believe 1 SALT Token = $5

To participate in the SALT ICO

Good Luck

photo credits to http://saltlending.com


Isn't Salt Lending some type of margin lending but with 100% leverage this time?

If we consider Crypto assets as Stocks and the Money that borrowers receive as margin loan then what would happen if say the value of blockchain assets drops by 50%?

Wouldn't that create chaos in crypto-currencies and eventually cause it to crash?

Not sure if they're trying to help expand cryptos or hurt them!

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