Which Bitcoin Exchange is Best for Me

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Once a newbie starting out in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, I was dumbstruck by where one could get the elusive Bitcoin that everyone is now talking about.

When I checked online, I found that you could purchase Bitcoin using fiat paper money at BTMs, they were basically Bitcoin ATMs. These were far in their location depending where you lived. But I can see now that there are more and more BTMs popping up all over in major cities. You would basically go to one of these BTM machines input your information, you may be asked to have your palm screened or telephone number put in, in order to operate the BTM. The machine would also scan the code ( address ) of your Bitcoin wallet in order to send the newly purchased Bitcoins there. When all is done, you will be given a receipt of the purchase. For those who are afraid of Bitcoin, don't be. Look at me, a small potato against the world trying to adapt to the new crypto world that everyone is flooding into. I believe the blockchain on which many cryptocurrencies and tokens ride upon will replace everything from the criminal banks to governments unless governments accept crypto.

If you are looking to purchase your first Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM and not from an online Bitcoin Exchange, you can google it or find one here:



BUT if you are interested in getting Bitcoin online, there are a few there are trustworth but still you need to experiene them yourself in order to find the best online Bitcoin Exchange that's right for you.

I have purchased my first Bitcoins from only two exchanges and both are user friendly. Because the regulations around the world, especially in the United States are beginning to clamp down on cryptocurrencies because they fear that Bitcoin and crypto will reveal all their nasty deed, providing tranparency to everything. Even though Mr. O has put into place rule for keep American out of ICOs, the present leader is pro-crypto according to many.

As long as Trump stays in power Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies has a chance to stay on and begin to shape a whole new world for everyone not just the rich.

The two exchanges I've used is Canada's QuadrigaCX and America's Coinbase ( coinbase is now partially owned by NASDAQ through smaller companies ... hmmm does that man Coinbase a centralized exchange owned by the rich elites? ). By the way if you don't already know, Coinbase has given away thousand upon thousand of user's private information over to the law makers, basically turning you all in. My advice is to use a major Bitcoin Exchange to purchase your Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum and then transfer them out into your own wallet where you hold the 'private keys'. That way if ever, the exchange tries to pull something funny or it gets hacked, you will be in charge of your own crypto not them.

Okay, here are the two that I used to buy my first Bitcoin:



Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Binance exchange

Gate exchange

Cryptopia exchange

Stay Away from Ripple and the FedCoin as these are the criminal bankers and their masters coins of controlling the populations, that is what many are saying.

WARNING: DO NOT USE the HitBTC Exchange as they steal you cryptocurrency from your wallet while try are trying to fix your 2FA login. Many users also complained that they are not able to transfer their crypto from their trading area back into their wallet. Even more users are complaining that the exchange stole their crypto while others are saying their are unable to withdrawal. Stay Away from this one!

Cryptocurrency is here to stay according to Bitcoin Guru Clif High

Enjoy the rocky ride all the way up to $1 MILLION

P.S. I'm not a Financial Advisor so please do your own research before investing into anything.


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