Bitcoin to reach $5k

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Bitcoin is back on a steady incline about to reach $5000 again.
But the selling of alt coins is crushing their price even Ripple has lost its swell for now.

Xrp dropped sharply due to the selling off alt coins. what is all this selling off about?
Well let's not forget about the new hard fork coming to bitcoin.

We can expect bitcoin to keep rising in price due to the massive sell-off this is pumping the price of Bitcoin back to $5,000 this is all do to the fork scare. People holding massive amounts of alt coins are panicking due to this new Bitcoin gold hard Fork. You can expect all the coins to lower in price.
Good time to buy alt coins in my opinion. but I'm not a day trader I buy and hold and I only buy coins that I feel have a useful technology behind them.
So lets stop selling our ripples and hold for the future. Lets keep watch while bitcoin goes to the moon again.thanks for reading.zardoz out..


Bitcoin will easily reach 5k, but Ripple might have a much brighter future.@darius1993