Well my opinion is this: Bitconnect is high risk and fairley likely it's a Ponzi of some kind. It is possible it is NOT a ponzi also. My advice is to invest some spare BTC in there and then not re-invest until you get back your ROI. Then do whatever you like as it's free money from that point.
I've been in it for a month or so and have made some vids/guides about it.

In 120 days you should get your money back evreything eles is free money..

agreed, after about 100 days it's all profit from that point

Bitconnect is a pyramid scheme, and not a legitimate business operation.
I advise people not to fall for rhetoric, and FOMO.

More than likely but in saying that, what the BCC owners/developers have created is quite ingenious really as it's almost a self sustaining invesment, as BCC and BTC go up, they can go on indefinitely paying out investors. No matter if investors quadruple or more, the money will always be there. crazy stuff.

Or you can just make money. And not be afraid..

Care to revise your statement, moron? :)