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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Triangle of Bear Flag?

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Hey @haejin , I've been reading your posts and watching your videos. Really great stuff you put out there!
I found a scheme you often recognize on the TenX (PAY) chart and I was wondering it it's all in the right place for a handle to form.

335 million dollars market cap.


Only issue with PAY atm, it's got a failing product. Wavecrest their issuer suspending payments through their card.

Even though it might be forming a cup, the actual product is no longer working.

Good to know.

yes I found the same yesterday as I was managing my portfolio, seems soon it is time for PAY to pay off!

I was scrambling for cheaper coins with good potential and found this one too. However, I have not bought a single coin of TenX as of this moment. I think I will get into Reddcoin and add more Bitshares to my portfolio once I have more cash from selling other coins. However, I may miss the opportunities as I am not selling at a loss and most of my coins have been hit pretty hard during the last 2 days. Next time I will definitely leave some cash to buy the dips, lesson learned :)

2 days?
Let's make that a week XD
Same lesson here.