I think the reason for the sell-off in coins has more to do with the US income tax rulings than anything else. People who don't want to be hassled by the govt are cashing out a portion to pay their expected tax bills, thus the market is taking a dip. That's what I've been doing, taking some profits to keep Uncle Sammy off my back.

Ripple might even be worse then Bitconnect lol....Steemians if you have Ripple sell if for Steem and Powerup!! Keep buying and HODL.

I hope not to many people suffered great losses, but yeah..

No, there are many. All their investments were converted to BCC then intructed to transfer them to newly built exchange named BitconnectX but the problem will people buy this?

Oh men! Investors are still buying BCCX and its hard to buy in ICO.

Killer B's Bitcoin, Bitconnect, Banker's, and of course Broncnutz you are right don't sell! Yes... Lefty is coming back!

I’m thinking for myself - I’m hanging on and excited for 2018!

Spot on on how a stock guy would get shaken out as a 10% move is just a cryptos gotta check your pants to make sure it's nothing serious only after several of them. Have a good trip.

very informative!

Here is a Killer D...Justice League promoting

The mainstream media doesn't know squat about the crypto markets, even the supposedly business-savvy MSM.

Still LMAO at this report on CNBC on January 2, 2018 urging its viewers to buy Ripple and then instructing them on how to do it!

CNBC viewers would be better served getting investment advice from an orangutan.

There will be a lot of opportunities in the crypto markets in 2018 and beyond, but investors need to do their due diligence, diversify their portfolios, not invest more than they can afford to lose, and then hang on! No market goes straight up without corrections. As long as investors hold quality coins and maintain proper position sizes, there's no reason to sell.

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Anybody who makes their investment decisions based on News needs to be committed to a mental institution! lol

A lot of people who put money in bitconnect just learned that lesson the hard way.

Here is a great news...Dogecoin is being promoted by Justice

Thanks. Appreciate the crypto video. Been MIA and trying to catchup on the markets.

Nice post and video too, bitconnect looks like a ponzi scheme right from the start and that's what exactly happens to bitconnect it shuts down suddenly and this might be one of the cause of market crash and i think their are lot more better and legit opportunities present on the internet to invest like steemit, thanks for sharing your nice thoughts with us, Stay blessed

Great video, I agree that the MSM media and even Warren Buffet have no idea what is going on; and if I hear one more tulip analogy I swear...

No way! Mine's nice and toasty... FIRESALE! Buy when there's blood in the streets right!?! Never let your emotions spend your fiat. I know lots of people had to get hurt by the bitconnect deal but like you said and my Granny by the way "if it sounds to good to be true it probably is." People who took that gamble IMO should have known what they were getting into. I say buy low and hang onto your investments taking a bit of profit here and there to invest in diversifying assets but to each their own. I believe you when you say 2018 is gonna be big. I'm with you brother! Thank you for your words of wisdom and all that you do for us! Much appreciated!

Hey broncnutz, I just wanted to thank you for one of your hot tips from your previous posts that is surviving the winter chill, SmartCash. I know you cant really trust the price due to it not being open on Cryptopia currently, but that SmartCash tip is really paying off.

In regards to BitConnect I really feel like people need to pay attention to one of the strongest indicators of a scam. The referral chain where your referral gets you a percentage of the referred persons investment, and a smaller percentage of anyone they refer, on and on down the chain. I've seen it in so many other Multi Level Marketing (MLM) schemes.

Anyways thanks for posting.

Thank you very much, love the way you explained the crypto market. Thanks for the explanation on LiteCoin. Helped put thing into perspective.

I agree with you about this topic. I think also that Korea and there exposure to new trading markets last night will effect the overall value of coin. However the same exact thing happened with China half a year ago it went down but then it went up to all time high. Just something to think about.

That is why Bithumb exchange is planning to move in other country in Asia that crypto exchange is welcome.

Feel free to check out my post regarding my own experience with Bitconnect here. I was not hit as hard as others but I did treat the platform very cautiously.

Bitconnect users have been warned that it was bound to be a scam. It's not like there were hundreds of posts here on Steemit and video's on Youtube warning the public that Bitconnect has a Ponzi like structure. Seems greed takes over the mind of most humans!

I knew it was in big trouble when the UK government gave it a deadline to prove it wasn't a ponzi. It was a big red flag to stay the heck away from it. Lot's of better coins out there, ignore bitconnect.

For those that have lost money in the bitconnect ponzi scheme, these guys are setting up a potential class action >>

It was an obvious ponzi. Pozies are illegal. Well, at least those that are nut run by the government...

Great video bud!!!

That's what I'm sayin.

You nailed it. I've been oddly too calm about this last dip, but I've told myself that my instincts will let me know if there's any reason for real alarm. Recent market movements are just a repeat of cycles we see a few times a year and do more good than harm by strengthening hands with more of these exercises, teaching investors about the real-life volatility, and letting people on the sidelines who were waiting for lower entry levels buy in.

I was nearly buying some BCC a few days ago. What happened to it exactly? :o

i always saw your video present time now your video watch running

Broncnutz sir...
Actualy..Digital money can make us rich to deal with ourselves. I genuinely trust that. Be that as it may, what I additionally accept is that it will influence us to sufficiently fit to serve the penniless also.

It is absolutely difficult for all to give. Every one is battling in their own specific manners. In any case, that is the magnificence of life is it not? One who has seen the intense time will identify towards the one enduring. Such a one when independent can promptly consider helping other people. When I put in endeavors to gain, I should put in little endeavors along to share.

One might be poor out of absence of education, another might be expected life's weight of overwhelming obligations, another might be out of sheer apathy and some might be not able meet the sudden needs of life. In any case, the truth of the matter is same. They all need assistance. From numerous points of view it can be tended to....

Don't sell your bitcoin!

The best explanation I have seen all day

Now the price of all the coin is low, buying a suitable time and buying now, I think the prices will increase later.

It will surely go up, that the trend of cryptos. Many will take advantage of this crash to have big profit this 2018.

People Say bullshit. you just have to believe in trustworthy information!

Awesome points man I really enjoy your videos, I just joined last month and have been following you ever since. I agree with you that 2018 is going to be a great year for Crypto and I'm holding. Damn the BANK!!!!

Thank You
Tell Lefty 3 rings that them Jags are going to put a beat down on the Pats that D is a little to much for Brady the so called GOAT

Always come with the best @broncnutz thank you very much

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Despite the challenges and doubts, I am sure that Steemit is the best option1azb44.jpg

i told my friend who invested in bitconnect that it was a scam .. how people won't accept making a mistake , according to him , turns out im the bad guy and i was just lucky calling the bitconnect crash ..whatever.. i like seeing some green in cryptoland finally

Bitconnect is a huge eyeopener in this whole turbulence that's going on. A lot more people are disappointed than you think. Thank

Probably a fantastic time to buy low!!!

No more Ponzi sh!t
Thanks @broncnutz
Have great day.

I agree. NEVER SELL!

Great videos guys are very funny.

I enjoy it. Thx for your information

Nice video, thanks for sharing

Very funny.....i like your post @broncnutz.

Smart, rational discussion on cryptos, Broncnutz. I never thought of Litecoin in the way you talked about regarding price. Have fun on your trip. Stay safe.

Good information about bitcoin. Thanks for sharing. It will help us.

HAHAHAHAHA just kidding I had to do that to you at least once bruv!!!!

Jokes apart, not a lot of people yet price the altcoins based on the price of bitcoin. It's essential for us to realise that at least 90% of the altcoins we have on the market now can NOT be bought directly by fiat. You can buy bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum by fiat i gues.....but the large proportion, your go to currency is some other crypto, like bitcoin, or more recently my favorite, DOGECOIN.

Ripple is already crashing hahaha!!

Okay this might be out of topic here, but i really wanna know your take on verge and stellar? I see a lot of youtube videos about crazy price prediction on these two coins, but I would trust you honest opinion much, much more.

Your advice is well received, nice video.

That’s a great lesson to learn. To stop measuring our coins using the dollar. It’s a difficult concept that gets easier everyday.

yes mr @broncnutz I GREE WITH YOU

your videos are always great, and if your telling me to have a good day, then ill tell you to have a BETTER day !
Livin life on the edge, you cant tell me what to do haha, im kidding ; but i always tell people not to sell their coins, im glad someone agrees with me haha .


Great video with nice opinions @broncnutz.

Good job, my friend. Keep preaching.

@broncnutz the CME futures market settlement date was today, so the shakeout coincided with the settlement date (just like the rise after did post settlement).

Expect it to happen again on January 26 for the CBOE futures market settles their futures.

Hello good morning my frend:))

@broncnutz - Yes Sir, it's a killer B, you explained it well in this video Sir... Thank you...


Yeah Sir, we are not panic and we don't believe in media hype. And yes it can down in USD but not below than 40%. If industrial minded people buying coins that means the price of BTC can't go down, it will be increased one day. We are waiting for it. We should hold our coins to not to play bankers with our money.

Today, the price of BTC is little raise, approx 11k USD. I'm anxiously waiting for your next video. :)

If any one was in bitconnect then my heart goes out to your losses but this is important to note that any lending bussiness is a ponzi scheme.

Litecoin is currently the only coin that is affordable to buy and has a big potential to grow.

@broncnutz I think this opportunity to invest in decline.I think they will rise again.especially Etereum and Litecoin

Bitconnect is totally dead, and btc is some alive .
Nice video , have a nice day

all panic is loser

Thanks for the video. We trust you :) All the best.

Damn......Go to hell bullshit, shitconnect....
I don't like to seeeeeen.
Anyway great video sharing @broncnutz.

Cheers Broncnutz, could not agree more about felling bad you all those caught in the Bitconnect net....but it does illustrate why some form of regulation is needed (though obviously this also has its risks) Hodl Hodl Hodl....Shield Wall! hope you have fun on your weekend adventure. J

people only see the usd price but its actuall price is in satoshies no one will understand that

Please tell the authorities. Do not kill Bitcoin. Thaks @broncnutz


A funny face seems to be angry. Save Bitcoin

I like the video you created. thanks @broncnutz

what happen to BTC,,,,why was declined sharply????

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bitconnect took saving of lots of people . name of crypto is shamed by bitconnect . best ponzi sceme ever . even i lots a bit in that

Ripple is a fake coin even it goes to 1000$ i am not gonna buy it the bankers shit coin just like bitconnect you can see what happened to it

very impression your post, I really like, I want to like you what is its secret?

if you wish please visit my blog, i need your support .thank you

Today has been a hard day for cryptocurrencies all fell too much but at the moment of right now they are starting to recover hopefully continue like this and we can breathe what we have felt today is a very big scare.

But we must bear in mind that this is part of a balance not everything always has to be right we must have a bit of concern so that everything is balanced but if you ask from my point of view, I like to lower the cryptocurrency to take advantage of and buy them when they go up, they have good profits.

** Greetings from Venezuela I hope we can continue reading **

oh man that shit coin i am very happy that i didn't invested in that and invested in smart coin so now can i say i am smart ;)

Great video, and this is why I love Steemit! A regular person is bringing me high quality news for free : )

Update news about bitcoin in Indonesia, Bank Indonesia has repeated its warning against crypto diarrhea speculation for fear that bubbles could disrupt the country's financial sector stability. "Ownership of virtual currencies is very risky and full of speculation, because there is no single authority, authorized administrator, or basic asset that supports virtual currency, which puts it at risk of bubbles, and because it tends to be used in financing money laundering and terrorism, all of which making it capable of affecting financial stability and harming the public, "Bank Indonesia spokesman Agusman said in a statement on Saturday (13/01). The central bank says that cryptocurrencies are not legal tender in Indonesia and can not be used in transactions. Bank Indonesia does not allow banks, financial services, electronic wallet providers, payment service providers and financial technology firms to process crypto payments. While the bank paused in a statement from banning cryptocurrency trade in the country, the bank urged Indonesians not to own, acquire or trade it. Bit Coin Indonesia, the company behind - the largest crypto-dome exchange in the country - has not responded to the Jakarta Globe's request to comment on the central bank's warning. However, the company posted a warning on its website to remind traders of extreme volatility in the cryptocurrency trade. Bitcoin prices have risen sharply over the past year, gaining more than 2,000 percent of the value against the rupiah. However, crypto is currently trading 26 percent below its highest level of all time a month ago. The statement reiterates the hostility of local monetary authorities against crypto in crucial. Bank Indonesia Governor Agus Martowardojo told the agency's annual meeting last month that virtual currency transactions represent "arbitrage opportunities, unhealthy business practices and business controls by parties beyond the reach of Indonesian law that could damage our industrial structure." Bank Indonesia issued a regulation in 2016 that prohibits conventional banks and other non-bank payments from making crypto payments. The regulation has so far explicitly prohibited Bitcoin and its rivals, such as Dash, Litecoin and Ripple, from being used in financial transactions. Institutions that violate these regulations are subject to fines and may even lose their operating licenses. Last year, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) closed four investment funds - World Coin Digital, Dinar Dirham Indonesia, Tracto Venture Network Indonesia and Unified Discourse Purwa - for receiving money from the public to invest in crypto-crypto.

Bankers are out of this game already and ripple is the only hope for them and newbies are getting onto that i am thinking about their future loss makes me feel sorry for them

What are is bitcoin situation now and what will be later

bitcoin will be up in no time this was just the best time to get in bankers want to get in too now what an irony

oh man never spent a single penny on ripple and will never going to do that just the coins you mentioned was good enough for me and very happy with that

It makes sense though the primary impulse is compare how much money are you invested and how much you have now.

bitconnect i just got saved from that scam i am relieved finally the truth is in front of us

Killin it @broncnutz! I'm into the Smartcash world now! Still learning of course and hopefully learn a lot more this weekend! Hopefully see you late Friday night and get some hunting on Saturday and Sunday!!

It's always good to get reassurance from the Swami. I picked up a handful of LTC on the dip. Maybe I should have picked up more?!! It's hard to hit pay now when that USD price is in a free fall. I did it 2X though :-)

This is all so confusing as a crypto newbie! Looking forward to following you to learn more and take your advice to research and figure it out for myself. Looking forward to hearing more of your sage wisdom on the topic. Thanks for the post.

How interesting! Thank you for sharing. Nice to have some real background on what's going on from a different perspective. I was told that the 'market had crashed' 4 days ago but by the time I look it had moved up again. I was also told that governments are getting ready to buy Crypto currencies as this is the future. I can believe that and that's partly why I'm on Steemit, the other part is that I thik it's a great idea despite the sneaky ones who get to do things in a different way, (I'm being polite here) but being positive, Steemit will carry on for a long while yet because the basic values are miraculouly still in place.

bankers would be really happy after that price drop and have fulled their bags

Better way to know more about what happen in crypto-comunity

Love the real Cuz. Always good advice from the OG Bronc Nutz. I have to admit I nearly got sucked into that Bittconnect ponzy...but luckly I had my doubts and did some digging and found it impossible. I really hope these YT fools pay the price for selling that crap. Its been a good buy opportunity and the best advise here is obviously hold and build if you can.

Freedom! from banks and XRP.... great video AGAIN! kudos!

I'm waiting for decentralised Exchanges....

bitconnect gone but they seem to be operating

just pataient and hold your coin, thanks for the information.

how sure are you?

you are 100 percent wrong on your idea of naked shorting btc futures on cme .. they are cash settled you do not need to have the contract collateralized.

Yes, the banks are working very HARD to get into this space and to CONTROL it. You must understand, if crypto is an option the WESTERN BANKING SYSTEM true PONZI scheme falls.

Oh! I so agree with your ideas about Ripple! So glad to hear someone else say the same thing I'm telling people. The POINT is to get out of the WESTERN BANKING SYSTEM's clutches!

More great advice thank you!

Very good video men keep up the good work