: SCAM or not!

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Investors in should carefully consider their position with this company.

I chose to give this company a try with a small (sacrificial) investment. My initial experience was not good. Their website was scanty and the account management functions are less than accurate. Payouts drifted in at a pace (and level) below expectations. After chasing them to get some clarity on when payouts would arrive, I resigned myself to letting the payouts flow (which they did until recently) to the point where I could say my investment had been recovered.

To say the least my trust in the business was and remains low to negative.

Indeed, I began to form the opinion that the "business" was an elaborate scam that made payouts from Investor funds (and maybe some mining revenue) but at a level that enabled them to keep a significant amount in their wallet/s (Pockets).

Recently (24 Apr 18) they have e-mailed all their investors to advise of prospective legislation that builds on the KYC (know your customer) foundation. The legislation at the time of the e-mail was prospective and to the best of my knowledge legitimately planned.

If you are an investor you would have received this e-mail but the basic content can be seen at the BitcoinVest website.

Investors, if you delve deeper into the website you will find that all functionality has vanished leaving only redirects to the notice the business e-mailed. You cannot contact them, although you can login to your account, however, nothing functions.


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The foregoing sets all bells ringing with respect to providing the requested ID documents, specifically:

  1. They now have your funds - which, in total, is likely to be a nice little sum.
  2. They promise to refund you less unspecified commissions by 20 July 18
  3. The prospective legislation, in my view, does not require any retrospective action with regard to KYC, etc
  4. The business should know from the deposits made the senders blockchain address or at least their requested payout address thus providing this and other associated information should not be necessary.
  5. The documents requested are enough to STEAL your identity. Indeed the business (if at all legitimate) does not say what will happen to your records if it closes shop permanently.
  6. Some information requested - at least from my end - has never been provided NOR is it available, eg. BitcoinVest Account information.

Until proven otherwise I consider this business a SCAM and I will not be providing the information requested as I expect it will lead to more heartache than the loss of my sacrificial investment.



Oh thanks my friend, such information is actually needed in this trying times.
One cannot afford to loose some crypto currencies as a result of a so called investment company or cooperation. Thanks for the heads up