I have never understood people who are against Pyramid system to me, you do realise that the world revolves around this system right? and its a working system in itself. :) banks own the people etc etc... thats the way it is, denying that is delusional

I guess we all are then part of a pyramid scheme, right? Or is it just me?pyramid.JPG

Guys like you belong to the bottom of pyramid scheme. Good luck retiring with $100.

I honestly can only laugh at you as I presume you haven't even tried the platform out and are only going off what you hear and read from others. And please do tell me, I made 100% returns thus far, how is this not working. But then again, some of us must be average ;)

please follow me as I am brand new. Thank you!

Thank you for your effort spreading a ponzi scheme. May your conscience be clear.

what did you expect lol There are soooo many bots posting those links all over the net.

He is not a bot, he is a human bot. I fricking hate these links.

Everyone look with different viewpoints @ahuruglica

There are millions of viewpoint, but only one truth. Time will tell.

It's just a triangle really. But you actually don't need to refer anybody in Bitconnect to make money.......

LOL, this is the best!

you guys got to make up your mind is it a pyramid scheme or is it a ponzi scam. Just a reminder everything is a pyramid scheme lol have you never sit down and thought about a day job? you have a ton of employees (the bottom layer) then you have supervisors that watch the employees( 1 supervisor to every 10 employees) then you get to managers (1 manager to every 4 superviors) finally you have the head of the pyramid the CEO the wealthiest and does the least. This pyramid scheme is in every aspect of power, religion, and politics