Visit to Bitmain's Mining Facility in China (1/2)

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On July 7th and 8th, I organised a private tour to Bitmain's mining facility in Inner-Mongolia and Bitmain HQ in Beijing, China. It was a group of Bitcoin thought leaders from mainly from Japan together with some investors, Bitcoin Unlimited members.

Purpose of the trip was to look at what Bitcoin's mining farm is like and also to discuss and exchange opinion with Bitmain's senior managers including Jihan Wu, CEO of Bitmain. Unfortunately, some people in the Bitcoin community say thoughtless things about Bitmain and Jihan. So, I wanted to provide an opportunity for myself and fellow colleagues and form our own opinion.

Day 1 was the mining farm visit in Inner-Mongolia. It is about a two-hour flight from Beijing and we took a two-hour bus ride from the airport to the site.

On this particular site, each building houses some 4,000 ASIC S9 and there are 9 warehouses. Bitmain operates 10 locations throughout China today and they are very busy building lots more this year. They employ 800 people in total and are one of the biggest Bitcoin companies in the world. I think they have a huge vested interest in building the long term sustainable Bitcoin eco-system. What do you think?


Centralisation at its finest.

I would love to visit one farm myself one day. This is probably the nicest farm i have seen, bitcoin farms are usually really messy.

It's very interasted information, many thx for sharing..

Hi Ken, I was there at the Tokyo meetup when you did this slide show. Pretty amazing the farm they have. As I understood, only 20% of the miners belong to them and the rest are customers?

I'm still on the fence regarding Bitmain & Wu. Time and the market will decide.

Looking forward to part two and getting back to Tokyo. よろしくお願いします。

I def just put this on my "while you are there" list. I think it would be cool and probably be a good business move.

Is their operation profitable?

Wow this looks awesome. Great idea @kenshishido.
Unfortunatelly, there is no mining farm in my country, but I am happy to see photos. Thank you for sharing with us.

i wish i have some mining rigs for dash coin

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Very important information for me !
Thank you !
Trying to order hardware from them.....
Would be nice to see more posts about that company and the products !

This is cool. Pick me up some Antminers please!

I would definately like to visit farm

Nice post and very interesting