Bitozz ICO Review: All you need to Know about #Bitozz ICO

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With the growing crypto uptake, Bitozz is creating a marketplace that offers the trader a wide selection of investment and trading tools that will lower the exposer to markets risks and a streamlined user experience. With a wide range of derivative tools, the network participants have an enabling environment to grow their digital online portfolios with increased leeway to hedging and speculating.

 Bitozz will offer custom made solutions and users will have a product that fits their needs. However, as a user, it will be possible to customize your preferences and stay in control of your experience in the system. The end goal of the network is to provide a wide choice range to the users and let them decide on what is best for them whether trading or investing. 

The wide range of solutions to choose from means a bigger consumer base and additional liquidity in the crypto verse that will drive the coin visibility and adoption culminating in demand and increased token value. This is something that the investor community has been waiting for and the timing is right given users are more knowledgeable about crypto more than a year ago.  

Detailed Bitozz ICO Parameters

Project name: Bitozz

Token Name Bitozz

Token ticker BOZZ

ICO Price USD 0.03

Language English

Anticipated Soft Cap USD 4 million

Anticipated Hard Cap USD 6.34 million

Total token supply 512,045,455(512 Millions)

Whitepaper: Bitozz Whitepaper

Website: Bitozz official website

Why Participate in the Bitozz ICO

This is a new trading platform that offers a unique trading algorithm with the trader being the center of focus. It gives the participants the confidence in hedging, speculating and portfolio diversification through a wide range of asset and product propositions. As a user, you have an upper hand in customizing the semi-automated system parameters to suit your trading strategies.

The interface is easy to use and beginners have the option of trading without using real crypto just to get a gist of how the system works. The system fits the institutional users, ardent traders and the newbies as well.

Bitozz Project Goals and Vision

The goal of Bitozz is to create a unique decentralized trading platform away from the norm. The multi-trader tools give the outfit an upper edge over the competition. The solutions Bitozz promises to offer is as a result of the modern trader and investor demands that are in tandem with evolving technologies.

These tools with bring together the market diversity in to a single platform where trades are done on a transparent and secure environment that has the potential to command user loyalty. The end vision is to breakdown the digital money market complexity into a platform that the tech-savvy and newbies can connect and diversify their portfolios. 

According to the whitepaper, the Bitozz security is unquestionable. This will protect the user investments in an environment where cyber criminals are lurking. The state of the art security covers all operations and users are guaranteed a safe custody for their online wealth.


Only invest on what you are confotable losing in digital asset; this is not a financial advice

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