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Bitpetite is a tumbler service for bitcoin users who want to keep their transactions as private as possible, however they also have an investor service as well. They charge a premium for the tumbler service which is partially paid to the investors of the program as interest on their deposit. The current rate of interest paid is 4.5% daily on weekdays and 1% on weekends, it is comparable interest to bitconnect as it averages closely to what bitconnect pays in interest daily. With Bitpetite investors are able to invest smaller amounts for shorter terms, for example today I made a 0.1 eth investment for 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks I will receive my initial capital plus all interest for my capital. They pay out daily as well so you can withdraw daily from the platform. They offer many different options to invest other than just bitcoin, they offer ltc and eth as well and you can even have these paid to you in usd value per day as well if you prefer. Placed link at bottom of post, place one non referral link and one referral link, if you feel inclined help me out by using my link but its not required. When you go go to the webpage to view investment options you will have to click on the investors option at the top of the page. (This isn't any kind of investment advice btw just hoping to help out some other people make some extra coin.)

Below is a snip from the actual webpage showing the examples of what an investment will return.

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