Growing my 28 dollars into something substantial... hopefully

in #bitpetite4 years ago

Yesterday was my latest reinvestment into a platform called bitpetite. I reinvested 0.04 eth into the platform to build up my compounding interest. I have made four investments so far, which has decreased my reinvestment phases significantly. The first reinvestment was at 11 days to the second one at 7 days and then I hesitated before reinvestment and waited until 8 days. If my math is correct I will be netting about .0098 eth each day for the next several days until my next reinvest which should put me into shorter time frames of reinvesting. This doesn't sound like much, but hey its an experiment in order to test this platform and see how much I can grow .1 eth into. Upvote me if you think this is a cool experiment or just pass it on by if it doesn't interest you, either way thinks for taking the time to keep up with my Bitpetite journey.


to be honest: sounds a bit fishy to me. Are you sure it's not a ponzi?

Don't think it's a ponzi but who knows very well could be. I thought it was fishy too which is why I did a small amount. Supposedly they are paying with the income from the tumbler service so I'll have to keep everyone updated with payouts. I include my referral link but not trying to push it like some are mainly want this to be about documentation of this company and my experience.

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