Bitquence Appoints Former Blackrock Executive Stephen Corliss as Chief Global Strategist

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This is a massive official announcement from Bitquence management. Bitquence has expanded the founding team by adding the highly-experienced financial executive with a long track record in building, leading and scaling successful businesses across Europe, Asia & Americas.

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This is another major news for the Bitquence (BQX) imvestors and holders. Here's the new mastermind on the table. There's something big going on with Bitquence.

Stephen Corliss

PS: BQX has made some millionaires already by shooting up 22 times of the ICO price.

Available Only on for Now

Although the team tried to list it on Bittrex, the move didn't go through. Expect major listings soon.

To read the full official announcement, click here

Disclaimer:- This post is not investment advice. Please do not take any of your financial or investment decisions before doing your own research.



@ilyastarar this is huge! Let's hope he can bring some serious strategy to the execution of the vision of BQX!

Yeah. The crypto community is already buzzing about Bitquence. I hope it is listed on Bittrex soon. The price will shoot up when it gets listed because many people are waiting for that to happen. is not a bright option for BQX team but it is the only one working [for most people].

I think I need to spend a day learning more and more about Bitquence. The project is being received well. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Excellent!! Lets go BQX!! I was lucky enough to get in at ICO stage and so far NO regrets!!! lets see this incredible dev. team take this project to the moooooon :D
Nice article bud!!

Thank you @diggerdugg for your generosity. Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. Glad that you have gone in at the best time. Wish you massive gains. 🌙

I keep hearing more and more about Bitquence.

Price appears to be about $0.68 at the moment.

Seems like everyone loves Bitquence already.

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Yeah, seems like BQX might go a long way but it seems a bit hyped currently. I own a small amount but I don't think I would like to short it. Might rocket up after a few more listings follow. A bit worried about how easy it is to influence the price of it on a small exchange though. But that also means the price of it can be pumped much higher than it already is.

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