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Is anyone else tired of the Bitcoin and ICO ads?

"How can you make money in Bitcoin? We have the solution. Get into Bitcoin Today!"

These ads popping up everywhere are not so bad. Don't get me wrong. I hate them since more than eighty percent of them are not telling anyone how to get a wallet nor protect a private key.

If I lost you right there, you should research wallets :

  • A wallet should be open source
  • It should be designed to keep your private keys on your computer or device
  • Then you must store those keys somewhere safe, and offline. (paper, pendrive, encrypted, in several locations)

FreeWallet is one wallet worth mentioning - UNSAFE. It does none of the above. They keep your keys, you don't have them, your money can be taken by them at any time.

Thousands of people use FreeWallet, likely with no difficulties. They are great because they offer a wallet for any coin and every coin. But, it is no safer than a fake paypal site - or handing money to a stranger to go grab you an ounce of gold.

The same is true for any website you go to for exchange including localbitcoins, bitfinex, bitstamp, kraken, eToro etc.
If you send them dollars, they will show you a dollar balance. You can buy bitcoins and they will show you a bitcoin balance, but if the site is hacked, those digits next to the bitcoin symbol are gone.

Websites that to go rogue and steal are not prosecuted as the banks could be. Hackers that get in are rarely caught and there are not enough website laws applicable to sites that you just handed your money to willingly.

If you don't have your key you don't have your money.

I wrote this portion - not as a tutorial but as a warning to all those who want in so bad that they get their coins and lose them.

Main point: All ads are good for Bitcoin and cryptocoins in general. It all raises awareness.

I hope I have raised some for security.


I've been otherwise occupied for a while, but still watching and voting, so take a moment to say "welcome back."

I came back to make this post, I put my usual footer at the bottom. Then I started typing my rant - WTF - my logo was just a broken link. Come on. I was only away for 6 or 7 weeks.

So most of the people who found me on google and opened up a post did not get to see my backwards-smooth image! I feel robbed. The new one is one, at the bottom of this post, is on imgur for what that is worth.


A quick guide to getting rich.

  • spend less than you make - live within your means
  • don't sign for anything or take on more debt
  • if you invest and double up, only remove 50% (the original investment)
    • then diversify the free money you just made - put it in three different investments
  • try new things after researching them. When you have failed 100 times, you will have succeeded at least 3 times.

I used to say that I am working on my second million, the first is too hard to get.

Now I have no car, but a driver.
No insurance - he pays it.
No health insurance, I could pay cash for anything that may go wrong.
No life insurance - my kids know what they are getting.
No job but steemit, trading, learning, sun and fun.
I don't make any dollars, so they don't try to charge me any of that funny money.

If I get that second million one day, I won't buy a plane, I will keep a charter on stand-by and become certified to be co-pilot.



If you really want to get rich, you need only one rule- spend less than you make. I still do that.


Great post and glad to see you back! I hope all is well, and we can get rich together :) Like you said, spend less than you make. And research.

Thanks for stopping in. I have lots of ideas for new and exciting ways to share the wealth - stay tuned!

How about "First comment gets a huge vote from Booster"

It happened.

Nice. Thats a way to get people to read and comment! Thanks!

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Awesome post, good to have you back. hahaha nice logo tho.

Welcome Back

I share your point on the bitcoin ads to promote it. Since I got informed about it late last year, it has changed my way of living and investing.
Free wallets sites are not safe at all. I really appreciate your post on this. I t is very informative. Have taken some key notes on your guide to get rich.


I really like the phrase "No job but steemit, trading, learning, sun and fun."

My children say this was really funny at first, now it's really annoying. And something about the skinny guy being a wife beater? I don't watch the news here.

Gigidigidi.. 😎 that's how I want to live, halfway their by already living in a mini paradise... 🌴

Ok, you made me laugh.

Can you help me with upvotes as well thanks

Thank you very much for what you did to my introductory post. I am very grateful, my posterity too are grateful 😁.

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Thank's but upvote me mr.@done good job

You made me laugh. Some people here understand things a lot differently. And they run away from helping each other. This is ridiculous. Thank you very much for your recent support. I wish we could share it instead of commenting and see you more often. @done

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It is funny @done, I like it.

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It's good to see him again, I really like his work, he makes it so simple for everyone's understanding, I appreciate his messages about how to make money, to have the chance, sure, that I'm going to put into practice.
I have no doubt that you compare that plane, everything that is wanted by heart and is put in parctica to achieve it! Is achieved! Exito dear friend
I take the opportunity to wish you an excellent week surrounded by family and friends

I am Intrigued with the Rule @htooms stated about getting rich.
It is so True, Thanks for sharing this with the community.

Thanks - igualmente :)

I used to say that I am working on my second million, the first is too hard to get.

Priceless. Welcome back!

I always enjoy your comments - I never left. Just making sure you are still paying attention. Big Plans.

I hope I have raised some for security.

It is a valuable post for lots of reasons, and glad it is reaching people early after it was written.

I helped Bob the Statist I talk about on here in my posts, another wallet today, to store multiple crypto's, made him and watched the triple backup procedure and then marched the duplicate back ups right to the safe with him.

And sent him some LTC to get that started for him today.

It is nice to see your name again.

Thanks for saying hi Barry. How have you been lately?

Doing my best man, just trying to .....smooooooth it out a little LOL

Welcome back! Hope to see you being more active and bringing some fun!

I plan to - not sure how since I rearranged a few things, but I have ideas. I am also open to ideas - hint hint...

Welcome back Sir - glad to read a post by you. I also lost my logo somewhere - not able to get it back it seems (or locate) - might be as I am too lazy to scroll through old posts. Great advise on the wallets

Haha... go down and get 😁.

Looking forward to see your logo in your next post

I have no real logo, just a kind of boilerplate i have to search again

Oh okay, will still like to see it tho

I want to be rich too .Thanks for bitcoin because i know that bitcoin will grow.

Definately... with the rate at which Bitcoin is growing. It will create alot of Millionaires in short time.
Cyptocurrentcy Indeed is the New Wave

I actually made my first 100 on bitcoin, later went to 250 on Dash, then purchased about 20 bitcoins worth of Steem very cheap. The last buy was what tipped me over the million mark.

I regret the day that i did not buy Bitcoin when it was only $20 and also the Ethereum when it was only $1. I was very skeptical before..

U might have that chance with EOS now. But things like these you can never know beforehand... (BTS might also have a chance to become real big)

Only if I had any knowledge of Bitcoin years back. Like they say it is better late than never

yes bro! never say never, the chances are still wide to make it with bitcoin

So Glad you are BACK.

I noticed last week that I didn't saw your post for a while... Good to see you back here again!

Valid rule!!
Invest only what you can miss

Lol thanks for the advise. That quote about the million is pretty hillarious.

Yeah, I really don't want the second one that much. Not really going for it or anything.

All sound advice. Enjoyed reading it. Glad you are back!

I divide the risk by using more than one exchange. And good idea about being smart with spending. I try to live off my day job and leave steemit and trading to earn me that little bit of extra.

It's nice to have you back. Great post thanks a lot, the warning is taken.hope to see more of you

Welcome back @bitsandpieces. I will try to venture on other investments that I know are legit. I focused on steemit because I see it as the best investment to have.

If you really want to get rich, you need only one rule- spend less than you make. I still do that.

Hmmmmmmm I roger that sir. Followed and Resteemed

In this era that we are research is one of the major key to acquire knowledge! Cant wait too see more of your exciting ideas to make wealth money must be made...welcome back @htooms

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Wow ! 😍
Super one !! 👍👍👍👍👍

its really regretting back then i wasnt able to buy btc and eth. back then it was only 20usd or so. how regretful but its not too late after all. i know bitcoin will still grow.

very cool article, let's get rich with Bitcoin! :)

That is still possible. It will go past 5000 each soon. (maybe more due to the decline in the value of the dollar)

so true sir because the pase at which it's going, it will get to that amount sooner than we can even think

I can't spend what I already have :)

Did you see I just ran a new contest - Front Running Whale Votes that will come in about 7 hours from now.

I very much agree with you!

Your "quick guide to getting rich" is dope, now i just need to get to that 1st million :D welcome back, you were surely missed!

I learnt something new about wallets. Thank you. I will dump Jaxx Wallet and get my own from bitcoin and litecoin.

For small quantities, I use coinomi - it handles many coins and used to reliably send one coin to another with an exchange built in, but Shapeshift has huge liquidity problems.

Thanks again!

"Welcome Back" :D It's been a while ago. Steemit must've become one big jungle for you, haha. Any awareness for the blockchain world is a good thing for now, but I agree with what u say, we need to educate ourselves in how to properly use it. But one step a time ;)

Hey @htooms! What a pleasure waking up and reading back from you mate! It's been quite some time, but I am really happy to see you back!
Wondering when you'll start the #takemyvotes program again, it was such a great curation thing to do for the community.
Wish you a great day ahead!

I moved some funds around which makes it hard from this account any longer, but I am open ideas for fun. Prizes are available. I just can't do vote delegation for now.

"spend less than you make", very true to be rich and successful. Thank you @htooms for this beautiful write up.

Great post from great writer. Spend less than you make is better way of making it to the top.

Glad to have you back. Welcome Back.

This post is very informative for me. I am grateful.

Wow, glad to have you back... By the way, this logo is of great quality... Top notch actually...


Thanks for the advice, spend less than you make and ultimately, always make research...

We are glad to have you back and thanks for making this post it really helps alot...

Perfect work here sir

Awesome post

Wow @htooms it's good to have you back here

Your quick guide on how to get rich is the pure truth. Three things you listed there is what i do. And i must say it's working alot for me.
All the same i say welcome back

Thanks for taking your time to tell us in details, especially where you made a warning if you don't have your key you don't have your warning. This is one of those post i find happy to read, thanks again @htooms

Well said and to the point!

Great to have you back, even if you still where here

I like the message with stay safe and don't spend to much. I struggle since a few days to put some real earned euro money into my steam account, but on the other hand we all see the enormous potential. Love to get your point of view.

For the fun side of Steemit, feel invited to the #BeerSaturday challenge.

Lykke is a semi-decentralized exchange where you hold the private keys, but they make the market so it's easier to use than fully decentralized exchanges like Bitsquare.

I will check them - thanks!

Did you see I just ran a new contest - Front Running Whale Votes that will come in about 7 hours from now.

Not prolonged ago when i are not able to keep your current website previously revealing when i always genuinely appreciated your current major premium quality particulars people provide for you to most of these people? are going to be going back usually to help watch brand-new articles.

Great post @htooms, if you want help me, please visit my blog, thank you.

Haven't seen you in awhile

We are waiting again. I want to be rich. We always want to see your ideas here.🤓

Great informations

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