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News, Rants and Thoughts


I was awed at seeing Ned on a behind the scenes interview Here (thanks to @onealfa) who did NOT use facecook to host the video in its entirety. Great job. I enjoyed seeing our fearless leader on and off mic.

I stay here in the blockchain where I am so far away from pop up ads, never look into that blue social site, can't stand to sign on to twitter unless it is to help promote a blog written here.

The old internet, the old money, and the old video site, are all going the way of floppy disks and flip phones.



Watching the interview on The Real Crypto Show, Ned was happy to say that we are approaching a half million registered active users. He has not stopped his involvement in Steemit and is trying to keep the development group decentralized. Very important.

As mentioned below, he spoke about how other sites will pop up that access the Steem blockchain. This is a good thing because it makes shutting it down or censoring the platform more difficult or (with enough clones or different interfaces) even impossible.

Some clones popped up during the DDoS attack,, for one. I have looked into it and found that any witness could easily have a clone up in a few hours. This is a good thing to know. I use Steem as money and pay for things with it (rarely using cash), and if one route is down, another should be available to pay someone who has traveled to meet me.

Ned seems very excited about the new SMT tokens that will be used for Video and Audio content in a similar way Steem is used here. I am looking into adding IPFS to my unix based LAN or at least get it on one machine. I love the idea of and its sound related counterpart (unsearchable on the censored web). We need this stuff up and running soon.

Ned also managed his incoming texts, tweets, or whatever while on breaks. I would not have tried to answer anyone while in the middle of an interview. I have to hand it to him.

I was also impressed that he has dedicated every minute of every day to Steemit, and talked about how it has been a long year with never a break. But he loves it, as I loved mining bitcoin, trading and investing in new ideas. I live and breath crypto since I put my job on pause 4 years ago. The CEO of the company I worked for just joined Steemit - no more on that one for now. As for me, he knows I am not coming back.


It looks like the censor site took down another good video (cutting off nose & spiting face)
Search for "Ned Scott speaks live @The Crypto Show" I will not post a link to facecrook, but you may find it there.

I have a recording of it locally. Not sure how I would get it to anyone.

Edit 2:

I have found the audio of the show here



I started a simple contest under the #takemyvotes tag, which has to do with the new frontrunner guild. By simply voting for a contest post of mine, you will have from 50 to 150 fairly large players voting right after you. You win simply by having many many whales voting after you did. It is that simple.

The day I ran my first test of this new contest was the same day was down, frontrunners had no data to find out who @booster would be voting for - no data to pull - no list of big time voters on the post. Disaster

I have been waiting for stability to run another contest.

I still paid out three of the top comments as a second prize - a three way tie of sorts. I could not pay them until the DDoS attack on was over with. Nothing seemed to go my way that day.

Watch for this sharkwhale on a future post and simply vote on that post to win.

Comment if you want to win second prize.

(this post is not the contest - it's just news and information)



Along with the recent difficulties, voting became to time consuming on They seemed to allow voting once every three seconds before the problems, and one vote every 10 minutes after the problems started. Pages would not load. The 404 errors and "Site is not available" messages get tiresome, so I signed all of me on to another interface called

Ned mentioned that many clones and other innovative sites will and should pop up to help decentralize Steemit and ensure its survival. So I gave a try.

I guess I have been dealing with their interface for a bit over a week now. All in all, it works. I got my voting done and was able to respond to comments as long as it was just text. It looked like a ":" would bring up an emoji list but I didn't play too much. See below for more.

Call this a review if you like

(-)The chat still has no users. When you post on chat, you will find that you have jumped up a few pages after hitting enter.

(+)Voting power that you have left is always at the top so you know how much you have left to vote with, no need for to be open in another tab.


(-)Creating posts was very nicely designed, adding photos and even resizing them on screen? Cool. But, text would double itself at times and was unable to be deleted, selected or cut very easily. This is especially true if you had copied it and pasted it in, formatted it or entered it with code (#) or (*) etc.. Maybe I have to just forget using any markdown and try it again. Hyperlinks did not work (I had to sign into steemit to fix them)
And, the spacing was off.

As much as I like writing and viewing the final result in the same space...
(and as much as I hate this scroll up and scroll down on Steemit for editing)...

Busy was not up to par for creating posts- not yet. I will keep trying

(+)Collecting rewards works perfectly and totals update (I had to F5 one time to see the totals change)

(+)Like / Dislike lists are nice! Who doesn't like to return a Fat Vote with a Fat Vote

(+)Reblogs button - Love it. It toggles between a users blogs and their Reblogs. Nice!

(+) Feed has the option of card view (which allows voting percentage adjustments) and list view which didn't. Upon review, I see that list view % slider partially appears when you mouse over the like button - hard to see or select a new voting percentage though. I tested this on Firefox, Chromium and Opera (I use NO Microsoft or Google products except to ridicule them.)

So give a try, put in your posting key and see what you think - let me know.


Great to read back from you mate! I was one of the lucky to win a nice vote from booster thanks to you the last time! It was really a very unlucky day indeed with all the issues of Steemit!
I have been using for 9 days in a row now, I find it easier to write a post there. I am talking about the new version btw!

I would love to be the second prize as you mentioned above!

Wish you a great day ahead!

Get your votes in now people. Announcing Booster and his legion of frontrunners. They will hit this post soon!!! Get your votes in quick.

Yes, Booster still voted last time, but recent tests on other random accounts have shown that the guild is growing and lots like to vote before Booster adds his.

Thanks for the vote of confidence by the way.

What new version of busy? huh?

Well we have the normal version which is running actually.
And we have a new version which is not yet released to the public yet, but in private yes. I joined 10 days back and testing the new is simply amazing! Since the first day I wrote a post from there, i am no more writing from!
You have to join the discord channel of busy and ask for perms to use the private beta new version and give a try. - busy discord channel

I would love to do another review for Busy when that one comes out. I have had problems getting on a secure server to discord from here. I used to hang out there quite often. How soon till release?

It would be great if you could get on the discord channel though! I have no idea when the public release will be...but should be very soon!
The team is really doing great job by adding more and more interesting features on the new busy to make it super user friendly!

I found an audio of the interview mentioned. When you are polishing the silver, take a listen. It was nice to get to know Ned and hear his intentions for all of our futures.

Speaking of the audio... i will like to listen to it. Do you have a link.

Glad to see you around. Interesting points, the site seems to be much better.

Regarding the private chat features, I think the current user-base has acclimated to and discord and such. It will likely take new user activity to kick off much use of the feature.

I agree. New users will find it and chat between votes or while browsing their feed. I need to get back on discord and see if I can get onto the new version of -it stopped working on my every day machine which has layers of template OS versions and VM's that run from there (translation: updates are a huge pain)

The chat idea is cool😎. I move around on discordapp and steemit chat to talk with my steemain friends i have met here in steemit.

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :)

busy is great, plus the extra vote from the busy bot doesn't hurt!
it would be great to hear your thoughts on the updated steemint UI as well :)

I did not know that Busy gave you a vote just for posting on their creation. Nice. My son talked me into EOS but then lost interest as it is a one year thing. I have not personally read into it much. I love Eth, but can't fully buy in. I mined it, had it sold out of it, now I have tons again. My biggest problems with Eth is what about the forks? There are some serious questions when your contract gets left on another fork.

I did buy a ton of cheap bitshares and am back on the exchange as more and more Bittrex exchanges want my Identity to sell to the highest bidder. I would rather let them keep the money and just not withdraw it.

yeah, you just need to use the 'busy' tag as one of the tags while posting from the older busy site or the new beta. the vote is based on follower weight! for most its not much, but its something :)
your son seems to be taking to cryptos quite well.
thank you for your viewpoints, its weird what happened with Bitshares but you can never really predict such stuff. I suppose BTC is the flavor for all seasons.

I left Poloniex and Bitfinex when they wanted my ID. I gave Bitstamp my ID in a blackmail deal to withdraw my funds (never to enter that site again). Now Bittrex is telling me I can't withdraw until I put in my name and upload an ID. I will keep taking my money out until they cut that off, then they can keep what's left and I will dis them all over the internet!!!

When I heard Bitshares would be delisted, I put several bitcoins into bitshares since all the larger exchanges are submitting to the tyranny of regulation or whatever their reasoning is.

I am hoping that everyone will one day find the only decentralized exchange that need not "dox" any of its users.

damn, that sucks! for now I'm only on Bittrex just because of the variety of coins I can choose from, but yeah you can never trust these exchanges. Decentralization is that way of the future! Wish you luck battling these demons...

Well, as you saw. I used to have about 300,000 steem in this account. I was withdrawing the maximum per day on two exchanges for months to get it all out. Since I write and express myself here on @htooms , I now need to decrease my exposure to any gov. prying that may take place.

I believe that people who choose names like @johnbrady for their steem account will be in trouble when Steem goes to 10,000

nowhere to run from the I R S

Yup large transactions are bound to draw unwanted attention! Haha, probably the CIA is tracking all our activity as we speak :) Cheers, and happy Halloween!

I got three of these before trying to post from another alternative.

I signed on to

Copied my post in to try again - then saw it had been posted. This error is just appearing to annoy us all!!!

I was having same issue even with my comments, I think the error thing is just here to make us mad!Lol!

Same issue here - and I am signed on to right now. (in the blockchain?)

Your comments above is duplicate again! I highly recommend you look for that new version of and your headache will be over!

Firstly, very cool update on many different aspects of this place starting with our maker ;) Secondly, I will check out your new contest, and thirdly-- Really like seeing your rep over 60, that's pretty kickass considering how hard it is to gain a point right now.

I love steemit it has given me so much just wish I understood it all better, think I got involved to late as never heard of anything like it. 52 year old starting something she didn't have a clue about, I'm 53 now and still way behind I sometimes read posts that go way over my head, took me months to understand what I needed to understand. I use Bittrex, I find it OK I went through the ID process. Didn't know what else to do so it works for me for the amounts I earn lol

nice post, i saw this post today and starts following you, thanks for telling us the insights of the Ned interview, well you also talk about busy in my opinion is a fantastic frontend builds on top of steemit blockchain and there website is super fast and great alternative if we found down, now also announced bot, you can read the full announcemnt here, i think it is another good little benefit for using website, what is your opinion about this bot friend?. Stay happy and have a fantastic week ahead.

Thank you for posting @htooms.

Always good to see you around.

Bitshares is a super easy site to navigate in.....looking forward to when more people use their services. It has a lot of potential to go bleujay is enjoying it whilst it is small.

Do hope you have considered signing up with message service bulit on Steem by @thedegensloth.

Wishing you all the best. Cheers.

Another book mark marked for reading when I can get away from the sun and fun for the day.

good post

(Upvoted) really you're great @htooms

I really hope Steemit becomes a viable competitor although it already seems to be one, in potential at least. It's awesome how dedicated it is to its users and that it has their back by following a good strategy. I'm new to the community and I'm learning by doing so I appreciate those condensed articles !

I Like Your Posts Really Really Good <3

Hello @htooms

What a nice, decent and detalied review.

I never tried to sign in on

But i did because if you and there's no

The beta phase is sweet. The U.I is amazing.

Will explore it fully today. I like what @ned and everyone on the team is doing on #steemit.

This innovation is out of this world.

Love it. Thank you



It is good to see another post published by you dear friend @htooms, always very successful with your words and comments, thank you very much for sharing all this information. I value it very much.
I take the opportunity to wish you a happy night of hallowwen

Big salute

Oh, I missed this post. Just wanted to say helped me during the lag troubles. And it upvotes you! How generous is that!