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RE: Jared's Defense, in his own words.

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constitutional rights don't apply. First it's a contract. Second you never signed that contract. Third you're not a party to the contract. 4th in the civil war there wasn't a quorum. Abe formed a corporation and move the government into it. We've been run by a corporation since then. It's not a real government. Sorry about your friend. All the more reason to keep your wealth in crypto where you own the keys.


Yes, it's a corporation and everything you say is true, but, if you change your status, for example through the SPC process, or some other, you change your status from US 14A citizen to an American National. You then have rights and an appeal to the ORIGINAL constitution is not frivolous. But it is frivolous for a 14thA citizen.

Regardless of whether any government is lawful - and I don't think any currently are - in fact the only source of lawful authority is people, individual people, not masses of them. A mass of people has no rights the individual people in that mass don't have, and simply because a mass of people have more power than an individual does not give them new rights.

So, whether or not scribbles on paper or commanders of forces say this, or that, our rights actually exist, and a just society will constrain itself thereby. I agree this is not a just society. I do not agree that this means we should give up and simply load up on money so that we can profit from the way things are.

We are going to need to draw lines and fight for a free, just, and peaceful world, because our children will inherit what we leave behind, and not merely our money.

When the choice is between blood and treasure, I will choose blood.