[ANN] Bitshares Platform - Weekly Webcast

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[ANN] Bitshares Platform - Weekly Webcast

Each week, the Bitshares Committee, Developers, Independent Entrepreneurs and Support Volunteers come on the show to help, and cover their latest news or thoughts. The following is a preliminary outline of what we would like to Host. Dates and times are to be determined, but eventually a schedule will be set so that regular attendees can set their calendars properly.

Show Parameters (<=30min rapidfire shows. 15min each, back to back):

  • Tuesdays at 1pm UTC: Committee then Dev Team
  • По средам в 13:00 UTC: русский Spot A, 15min. русский Spot B, 15min.
  • Thursdays at 1pm UTC: Spot A, 15min. Spot B, 15min.
  • Viernes a las 1pm UTC: Español Spot A, 15min. Español Spot B, 15min.
  • Saturdays at 1pm UTC: Spot A, 15min. Spot B, 15min.

Current Schedule
Текущее расписание
Horario actual

Tues, Sep 1 (Host: Ryan? Jonathan?):
... Bitshares Platform Ep.126A - Committee update
... Bitshares Platform Ep.126B - Dev Team update
Tues, Sep 8 (Host: Fabian? JohnR?):
... Bitshares Platform Ep.131A - Committee update
... Bitshares Platform Ep.131B - Dev Team update

среда, Sep 2 (Host: Dima? Chimi?):
... Bitshares Platform Ep.127A - Шоу будет на русском языке.
... Bitshares Platform Ep.127B - Шоу будет на русском языке.
среда, Sep 9 (Host: Dima? Chimi?):
... Bitshares Platform Ep.132A - Шоу будет на русском языке.
... Bitshares Platform Ep.132B - Шоу будет на русском языке.

Thur, Sep 3 (Host: kenCode):
... Bitshares Platform Ep.128A - Company XYZ releases BlipBlop 2.0!
... Bitshares Platform Ep.128B - Company XYZ releases BlipBlop 2.0!
Thur, Sep 10 (Host: kenCode):
... Bitshares Platform Ep.133A - DEX64 breaks through 50,000 users!
... Bitshares Platform Ep.133B - CrazyGuys make their own dApp!

Viernes, Sep 4 (Host: Roy? Vistara?):
... Bitshares Platform Ep.129A - Un espectáculo en Español.
... Bitshares Platform Ep.129B - Un espectáculo en Español.
Viernes, Sep 11 (Host: Roy? Christian?):
... Bitshares Platform Ep.134A - Un espectáculo en Español.
... Bitshares Platform Ep.134B - Un espectáculo en Español.

Sat, Sep 5 (Host: MikeN.?):
... Bitshares Platform Ep.130A - PalmPay Ambs launch v1.7 "Emerald"
... Bitshares Platform Ep.130B - PalmPay Ambs launch v1.7 "Emerald"
Sat, Sep 12 (Host: MikeN.?):
... Bitshares Platform Ep.135A - Evraz Wallet now in Russian!
... Bitshares Platform Ep.135B - Funkit discusses Proxies

To fund a show, Agorise (bts:agorise) must be paid at least $100 in BTS with a memo of the Episode number (example: Ep.123) for both Spot A and Spot B. Anything less than that amount will be held over until the desired show is fully funded. No refunds. The Host moderator of the show earns 50% of the earnings for that Episode.

We will use the FOSS Jitsy app (jitsi.org) for the Hosts, Speakers, and Attendees. We will use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for recording.

Once the recording, the editing, and cover preview-image is completed, the video and image will be uploaded to as many social media sites as possible, a minimum of 3 sites, including but not limited to:

  • BitSharesTalk.org
  • BitChute.com
  • BitTubers.com
  • Gab.com
  • Keybase.io
  • LBRY.io
  • Minds.com
  • Steemit.com
  • T.me
  • Youtube.com
  • WhaleShares.io


Please share this post, let's see if we can decentralise even further with more Hosts!

Also, if you think it's a good idea to start hosting these weekly Webcasts/Podcasts, or not, please let us know in the comments below, and, what you think the best days and times would be, etc. Let's do this!! :)


dexbot usd usdt RO setup.png

.Very interesting Ken!

Perhaps DEXBot can get involved :)


Open Source BitShares Funded Market Making Bot for the BitShares DEX

Definitely. DEXbot is an incredibly valuable resource for Bitshares and definitely should be highlighted on one or more of the shows!

You are reaching this way always the same people who are already involved with bitshares

Yes and No. That's why we feel that public updates are so important, especially on multiple social media platforms (BitTubers, LBRY, etc), all in sync. The videos created can be used by other podcasters as well. It also helps companies to promote their ICO's, upcoming airdrops, Q&A with users, etc.

Sound interesting. My phone went DOA today. So I tried to find the app on my kindle, but didn't find it.