WooCommerce Bitshares Gateway Plugin (STAGING)

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How the story goes...

As being someone who constantly compare inside my own head, Bitshares to SteemIt, and few more others here @apasia.tech, we find Steem community much more active towards building dapps without funding in any way except through posts and payouts... Those posts/payouts, even during days of hardest moment for SteemIt in 2017, haven't stopped a single developer to continue doing beautiful apps.

We've seen dtube, login api, and database explorer being launched after most horrifying hard forks, fails, bugs, etc. BTW, being developed through all those hard times, but yet, Bitshares even having community developers, is going through months of processing is the app "eligible" or not, including simple redesign of a simple website.

So, get back to the point. What Bitshares is missing ?

  • Proper documentation (getting along)
  • Global use (not our call)
  • More apps (we are doing our best)
  • More exposure (...)
  • More stable public releases. (not our call)

I've started playing around Steem WooCommerce plugin early November. I knew that same person wrote api py libs for both platform ( @xeroc ), and I knew that difference between 2 Graphene blockchain apps will not be great. I was almost right :)

So, i've started it, then we had problem with price conversion, BitUSD or any other asset apart from BTS to have proper status, etc. Almost gave up on it, having all that craziness with infrastructure falling apart and only few nodes up and running.

A bit later, with AriseBank coming along, all that fud and everything, one morning (GMT +7), im seeing @michaelx and Arise inviting people for beta bitUSD testing. I've jumped on it! After being without response and test for almost a day, and entire community waiting on updates, I've started making FUD :) @michaelx and @stan came with Jared Rice Sr as contact straight to me, and we got to the bottom of it:

They had WooCommerce Plugin that was failing to do simple bitUSD based on calculations, we had BTS working math. So, lets combine and take most of both pitch and same idea!


This is the current status and progress of our dear plugin:

  • [OK] Installation, activation and configuration.
  • [OK] Setting up payee account and currency picker (BTS and BitUSD for now).
  • [BUG] BitUSD price feed/conversion is showing 0.
  • [OK] BTS price feed/conversion is doing fine against USD (Woocommerce do for rest of the currencies automatically)
  • [OK] Gateway Checkout
  • [BUG] Customer login to wallet

So, remaining 2 bugs are having ETA around 3 weeks, because for the Login to Wallet, we have some plan to introduce through API call from WooCommerce to Bitshares directly Proposed Transfer, where Memo would be having sku and details of the purchase, apart from Payee account.


As Bitshares has already - Endless.
Auction websites, real estates, Media platforms, e-commerce websites, or even Steam gaming platform that dropped BTC payment gateway last year due to slow tx and crazy 10$ fee against products in store that cost is less than fee... You do the math and the thinking.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned with @apasia.tech !!!


Milos (Mike) Preocanin
CTO @ AP Asia Tech Co., LTD.
Managing Director @ Syntek Solutions (TOANDI Co., LTD.)
+66 (0)62 816 5503

aka Digital Lucifer.


Great work, I am VERY pleased to see this plugin nearly ready for use!

Excellent work guys. This is great news :)

thank you!! this is just in time for a project i have been wanting to launch. i'll be watching closely for the plugin next month. keep up the great work!

perfect post @apasia.tech. i vote ...!

nice thinking so proud of this write up

@apasia.tech I'm happy to hear this development about bts

Thanks, we are doing are best!

Very good to see! I was just mentioning the lack of payment processing options to someone, and this would be a great step forward for those looking to accept online payments in Bitshares.

Amazing and awesome work from the dev team @apasia.tech, thank you BitShares community for having us!

Great job


great post. it also helpfull for me

I look forward to buying the Test CUM Asset. /sarcasm

Great work guys!

Upvoted and resteemed.

Great work! Development is tough especially if some of the incentives aren't immediately apparent.

Many thanks to entire Bitshares community for support, we will try to keep up doing our best!


Luci @apasia.tech

Great work.... Upvoted n resteem

Would this betray my BitShares username when paying and sending to my physical address?

No. In order to prevent that, we got 2 options:

  1. To develope and integrate similar solution to SteemConnect (not gonna happen in these early releases)
  2. To send through API call entire purchase to wallet.bitshares.org where you would be having payment predefined with memo same as the current option of "Propose".

OK sounds cool but I have ATM not idea how to verify that. I do really like the tech. Also the bad thing is that a seller should have to buy and register the domain of the shop... So you are tied to the corrupt legal system either by being as a slave under the queen or whoever through a company or using your person created by the system... Would be good if @Stan & @Dan Larimer would realize this too (note I'm not saying understand since that implies standing under! More info on yourstrawman.com

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We are looking to create the first Bitshares Marketplace at SOCIALMARKET.com to Accept BITUSD and GIFT (our own gift currency).


Nicely done, guys. A great step for Bitshares... :-)

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