Decentralized Autonomous Companies or Bitshares Community Efforts

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In this post I want to summarize some of the community efforts that are being made in the bitshares community and talk about my observations.

Whats the difference to the normal business model?

When I think about a normal business structure in comparison to the Bitshares model it feels completely different. The main reason why it feels different to me, is because the normal guy that works in the normal business structure model often doesn't care much about the longterm vision of this organization. This is a big difference to the decentralized model. Everyone can come and do something for the community like @tonypeacock, who created an educational website for Bitshares -->

Tony thinks like this:"If more people understand the awesome qualities of the Bitshares network, more and more people will use it and this will push the price."

So it makes perfectly sense for him to help out and there is no boss that just takes all the profits. No. Everyone that is invested in Bitshares will profit, so thank you very much Tony.

Community Efforts

  1. @tonypeacock is one example. There are others. A community member called FAV updated the whole world about the status of the Bitshares network when the whole blockchain stopped for a couple of hours some days ago. Like a public relations coordinator. Maybe he should start a worker proposal to get paid. 
  2. Then of course there is Stan Larimer who started the "HERO Challenge" and he is the reason why we finally have a marketing operation for Bitshares lead by the company "Digital Launch". They created a SmartCoin on the Bitshares blockchain and now they are marketing it. The HERO is a great product. If you hold a HERO for one year, it will be worth 5% more. This would be great for pension funds or insurance companies.
  3. Fuzzy the cofounder of Bitshares created a weekly talk called "Beyond bitcoin". You can find the Beyond Bitcoin Hangouts on Soundcloud --> HERE. If you want to learn about how DACs work then you should definitely listen to these conversations. Many interesting topics are discussed there and if you have something to say you can easily join.             
  4. WhaleShares is also an idea by @officialfuzzy . With WhaleShares you can get upvotes on Steem from a whale to boost the visibility of your post and earn money. You can buy WhaleShares on the Bitshares DEX or you get them by just hanging out on the right channels.
  5. Last but not least I want to mention @kenCode who is programming an App with which you can easily access all your bitshares assets and more. This will enhance user adoption greatly. Thank you Ken for that.

From my point of view I see some very motivated and skilled individuals working towards the goal of mass adoption for Bitshares. The feeling is that the graphene blockchain family is the only one that can handle all the transactions that are needed to make this mainstream and we will be migrating to EOS as one of the first Dapps on this new general purpose blockchain that is coming in the next year. We are in an huge competition so it's not enough to have a good tech. We also need good developers that create beautiful and useful applications for the endusers. Bitshares just hired Alfredo Garcia who will work for the Bitshares network fulltime from now on. That is also one of the great things. Bitshares can hire workers through "worker proposals". The fund to pay Alfredo is huge so there is still room left for other developers to get paid. I think this is where Bitshares should set its focus in the upcoming time. To get more skilled developers trained. This will boost adoption like no other. 

thanks for reading and have a nice day, bhikkhu :)


Excellent, thank you! Look for $10 BTS by the end of the year... Bitshares was in the Huffington Post yesterday!

Wow thanks man for the mention. :) United we stand divided we fall. :)

No Tony thank you. I was really impressed when you came into the telegram group and you instantly picked up that vision and you decided to do something. That's really cool.

Useful info

I forgot to mention @steempower who brings out the bitshares state of the network every week.
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Hello Friend ! You have an interesting blog, I will follow him and tell my friends! Good luck in your development 👍 I hope you will answer my message and do not miss it) a good day

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