A Few Personal Updates...

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I am alive and well, but have moved onto more non-crypto related projects. Time and life moves on.

My time actively pursuing crypto and crypto related projects was interesting and exciting. It allowed me to analyze some cutting edge projects, get a glimpse into the crypto universe and learn some interesting things.

There are things that are worth more to me than crypto. Honor, truth and God are among them. When push came to shove I needed to move in a different direction.

In Short, BitShares has imploded. There are numerous factors. The last two years has been hard, with Bitcoin prices down and trading levels falling. Then there was constant governance problems at BitShares, climaxed by the cn-vote shutting down all workers. Then there were failures of the main exchanges, CryptoBridge and Open Ledger. Without enough business it is inevitable all businesses close.

I have constantly looked at other crypto projects, most of which were severely lacking. I like Steemit and BitShares. While BitCoin was OK. It seemed like I was too late. While EOS was exciting, at the end of the day it was all gambling apps. I had looked at others like Tron, which failed my expectations, and then I see they are effectively buying out Steemit. Wow, Sad. An obvious scam took over a legitimate project. But Even Steemit failed to deliver all it could and should.

I have some amounts of crypto I may hold for a while, but I am not actively trading, chatting or really caring. I have thrown in the towel for now. We will see I may come back, I may be more active at some point.

Having been so active for so long, in my opinion full transparency, something we value in crypto, needs me to call it the way it is. Crypto is just not working out. Decentralized governance, has a limited track record. Crypto, well it is likely to have major problems.

There are lots of factors to making a project work out, and without the right mix, it is doomed to fail, and then the decisions to keep it working and to have all the right costs, profit structures, revenues, governance, among all the participants is hard and difficult.

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