Some Statistics on the 4,000 OPEN.BTC holders

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Let's look at some basic statistics on the Open.BTC Open Ledger's Bitcoin on the BitShares Exchange.

In order to better understand this coin, we need to start with some basic statistics.
Because blockchain projects are typically open for inspection, anyone can gain better insight with the right tools.

This continues a series I have done on looking into some of the BitShares coins.

There are 12,823 accounts that have a balance of this coin.

All of these accounts have a total value of 918.54 coins.
If you take the total number of coins 918.54 and divide it by the total number of accounts 12823, you get 0.0716 average coins per account.

The coin OPEN.BTC was valued at $3618.36 recently.

So if we have 919 coins valued at $3618.36 each, that means the total market cap is $3,323,608.

With an average balance of 0.0716 coins, and a coin value of $3618.36 the average account is worth $259.07.

Sample Data Points:
To get a better feeling about the data, lets just take a few pieces of the data.
The account alexxy has a balance of 0.0166.
The account enki has a balance of 0.0225.
The account bitcube has a balance of 0.008.
The account dandum1 has a balance of 0.0001.

Coins are not distributed evenly.

Here are the largest coin holders:
The account openledger-dex has a balance has 312.4732.
The account djdjdjdj has a balance has 31.1875.
The account rocket4393 has a balance has 22.0972.
The account wds4 has a balance has 15.5134.
Removing the top 4 accounts, the rest of the accounts have a balance of 537.2687 coins or $1,944,032.
Excluding these top four accounts, that would give us an average balance of $151.65 per account.

The most common account balance is 0 and 5,071 accounts have this exact balance or a balance that is so small it has been effectively rounded to zero. Details like this are an important point to consider as we really need to constantly adjust the picture to get an accurate look at the data.

Percentile Groupings
We can get a better understanding by look at distributions and USD equivalent values of this coins in various groups.
The richest (one percent) 129 accounts have and average balance of $19,280.86 each.
The rest of these groups each represent about 10% of the holders in each group.
There are 1152 accounts with an average balance of $639.95 each.
There are 1272 accounts with an average balance of $58.23 each.
There are 1269 accounts with an average balance of $15.57 each.
There are 1203 accounts with an average balance of $4.64 each.
There are 1213 accounts with an average balance of $1.6 each.
There are 373 accounts with an average balance of $0.72 each.
There are 1138 accounts with an average balance of $0.36 each.

Using Cryptick's Algorithm B, this market rates better than 66% of recent markets looked at.
For Algorithm B, a higher number is better.
Cryptick's Algorithm B uses a unique advanced sophisticated proprietary algorithm to quickly and concisely look inside BlockChain projects.

Trading Activity
What is the trading volume of this coin?
One day there was a total volume of $8,704.28 traded on this coin.
Realistically, that number should be divided in half to $4,352
That is an average volume of $0.34 per account holding the coin.

People represent a very important aspect to any project.
One way to look at the account data is to look at the number of people it potential represents.
Now it is true, one person may have more than one account.

The data I have referenced here, is not real current but it is from the last last couple of months.
All of the numbers here are estimates. They are based on recent numbers. By recent, I mean numbers within the last few months.

Take all these numbers with a grain of salt. It can be very easy to get numbers like these wrong.
If something looks out of place in these numbers, investigate it, it probably is.

This report is provided to help bring some insight into crypto, and to help people understand the markets.

Is this what you expected?
What is different from what you expected?
Comment below.

About BitShares...
BitShares is a unique blockchain project where you own the keys to your own wallet.
Do you have a great Crypto Idea, BitShares allows anyone to create and distribute a coin, among those interested in the project!

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