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I admitted over the weekend to finally taking the plunge into Bitshares. This open ledger decentralized exchange has so many amazing possibilities. And if you are a believer of private decentralized crypto-coins like dash, zcash, monero and my personal favourite DigiByte - then trading these on a decentralized exchange like Bitshares is a no-brainer.

The best video I have found on youtube that explains the functionality of the platform is here:

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It takes a little getting used to, but once you understand why its so important, you can't go back. I use the Dex, Binance and Bittrex for some of the Alts, but my core positions are with BTS. Plus the BTS coin is an absolute no brainer HODL with more and more BitAssets locking up shares.

agreed. my only fear is the criminal banking cartel printing FIAT to take over the whole crypto/alt coin market and manipulate it like they do every other market - effectively killing open, fair price discovery.

I am starting to think the best investment is to close your bank accounts and operate only in the physical, tangible monetary world.

So scared of hyperinflation right now.

Preparation is the only thing we can do to reduce fear, uncertainty and doubt about the future. Water, Food, PMs and a Get-a-way plan.

Definitely agree with favoring decentralized exchanges and cryptocurrencies. An alternative for choosing the optimal exchange is using Switchain. It compares rates between several exchanges and shows you where you'll get the best deal. All the exchanges offered are non-custodial, so no assets being held by a third party.