Why I prefer Bitshares Over Other Exchanges!

in #bitshares3 years ago

I just made bitshares account few months ago.

Before it I did not knew what it is, but now I fell love with it.

Here are some features that I like the most about but shares,

1.Instant Transactions

The moment you send transactions, it will get confirmed in few seconds.

2.You can make your own tokens

As many of steemians has made, like whaleshares, beyondbit and narwhals.

3.Simple address

I don't know about but I seriously don't like those long ass addresses.

Bitshares has smile thing - your username is your address. Anyone can remember it easily.

4.Using other tokens as fees

Just like any other crypto you have to pay fees for transactions however on bitshares you can fees using any other token of your choice.

5.Get portion of fees by buying obits

Well I don't need to explain this, just buy obits and get portion according to how much you hold.

6.It's Decentralized

So you can not get scammed. Transactions happen directly between buyer and seller.

So this was advantages of bitshares in my opinion. And I seriously think bts gonna worth lot in future.


but OPEN.BTC today dropped 20% while BTC in binance slightly increased ? How to make Bitshares more safe with the existence of openledger ?

The more liquidity there is on the exchange, such as if a lot more people trade open.btc, it will come to match the Binance price. The difference is due to lack of volume to make it keep liquid and matching outside exchanges. On the other hand, good opportunity for arbitrage can exist by taking cheap UIAs of DEX, withdraw to Binance and trading there. Just make sure you know what you are doing, which way around and in and out of DEX/CEX you go, as that low volume means trades can take much longer..

Very informative, thank you very much.