Bitshares Latest Stats, Graphene Coins and Upcoming Stuff!

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I remind this as mantra but i get so many new followers weekly/daily that i need to - STEEM is built on Graphene technology which was first getting sophisticated on Bitshares. This is wht BTS people often post here - this coins are connected to each others by technology.

So lets see whats going on there!

OpenLedger (decentralized Exchange) Volumes

Never been there? Registration is free, STEEM and SBD is there. BTS and ETH are top volumes currently.
If you heard of hacked exchanges - this one is decentralized, your wallet is your exchange.

Bitshares Price and Markets

Today we are at 0.00012961 BTC but it was higher latest days. Worth to mention this coin is really running good now, was trading below 1000 satoshi for long time. We have a momentum here.
China is fully driving the volume and prices.

BTS in Top Volumes

If we go by 24h trading volume BTS is in top9. This means its getting really popular and we can expect more moves.

HERO Token

This is token you buy on OL but needs a few sentences write up - excuse me.

The hero is a stable, fast, appreciating market pegged asset that is backed by the equity of the platform which manages it. No counter party risk like other currencies backed by government debt or gold that may or may not be in a vault. And it grows, by definition, by 5% APR against the dollar. @stan can explain more

PPY Launched & To Be Added @ OpenLedger

Another Graphene coin was launched lately after succesful presale - PeerPlays. While its not tradeable yet on OpenLedger its being worked on so prepare for adding of it any day. Current price below, but i suggest to wait for normal exchange like OL.

Here is my post after launch of the platform - with some important info.

Other Graphene Coins Stats

  • EOS
    Incoming, we have more and more news about it from @eosio
  • XMS
    Trades on LiveCoin, its not created by usual BTS team and no idea of plans for it. STEEM BTS SBD trade there too.

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Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

If you're not already aware check out Stan's blog for info on the upcoming Hero contest. They are planning to drive BTS to >$100 by next summer. It is an interesting project and though it sounds far fetched... this is crypto

What about IOTA? It's starting to level out and looks like it might be a good time to buy.

I now only invest in crypto that has a product I can actually use as a relatively low-tech consumer. IOTA may do well but I won't buy until there is something that works for average Joe's like me. I can use the Bitshares DEX (just shorted HERO into existence and sold it... holy crap), I can use Steemit and Bitcoin. So that is where my money is.

I agree, I'm mostly sticking with coins that have a working product. I'm almost all in on steem.

@inventor16 yeah bro u r right i got lucky baught it yesterday at 0.000807btc per coin and price jumped today
Upvote if u agree

thats really good and you are right abou this.
personally I wont advise anyone to invest a single cent in IOTA.
the three reasons are:
1st: IOTA was priced at $0.63 when first released to the market, at the time of writing this comment IOTA is only $0.41. which means it is in down tend. and went from 6th position to 8.
2nd: reason is that it is available only on bittfinex and could play with it the way exchange wants.
3rd: the trading volume in first 24hour released to the market was more than $34million, the time of writing this article only around$3.5million.
use your logic anyway,,, who knows what will happen....?

IOTA has been around since 2015 - it's only hitting exchanges now because the devs are ready to go into beta. Prior to Bitfinex, it has been trading privately on Slack, increasing in value. Anyway, the moment it hit Bitfinex it was trading for 4x what it was worth pre-exchange. This is why any coin introduced to an exchange drops right off the hop - because it is always being sold for way too much money at first and a couple poor saps buy it while the rest of the market waits it for a more reasonable price.

I will write a thorough post about IOTA in the near future, I really love it. I have not bought yet, but will as soon as it consolidates further. Consider it a long-term, two year hold with the actual potential to disrupt and usurp ETH and co. Will that happen...who knows. But I do believe it will still be here in 3-5 years.

yep, it is easier for me to get excited about coins with tangible products like STEEM, rather than something random like Dogecoin LOL

Our comeing future digital coin👍👍👍👍👍👍

I like the way you think, it's a good strategy imo. They always say, don't buy in to what you don't understand or can't use. I myself am all in on Bitshares at the moment. After the big rise 1,5 weeks ago, it's very stable at 12000 satoshi atm. So I'm expecting that it will see something similar happening in the coming period, after which it will find a new support level even higher.


awesome idea @johnsmith now you've sparked a brainwave...


I would be interested in learning more about IOTA ... why do you think its a good time to buy?

IOTA loss close to 400K marketcap from last week. I even blog them for taking no.6 of Top 10 new crypto currency, now at no.8

Cryptocurrency is still in volatile market, it's hard to predict which is going to remain on top. The obvious choice right now is BTC, ETH andLTC. Ripple and ETC are withing reach and affordable.

It deserve my up vote.

Please up vote me and follow @yehey.
Thank you.

personally I wont advise anyone to invest a single cent in IOTA.
the three reasons are:
1st: IOTA was priced at $0.63 when first released to the market, at the time of writing this comment IOTA is only $0.41. which means it is in down tend. and went from 6th position to 8.
2nd: reason is that it is available only on bittfinex and could play with it the way exchange wants.
3rd: the trading volume in first 24hour released to the market was more than $34million, the time of writing this article only around$3.5million.
use your logic anyway,,, who knows what will happen....?

how does it goes IOTA can u explain in brief

IOTA is supposed to be using a "Tangle" instead of a blockchain. There are no transaction fees, instead to get confirmation for your transaction, you have to verify 2-3 other transactions. It is targeting Internet of Things (IOT), hoping to be the way sensors and other smart devices report to each other and back to the main network. I bought some at $0.66, and they immediately dropped to $0.40, lol. I'm still going to hold them, but like others have stated, they have no actual use case right now, and all price growth is fueled by speculation.

The drop before the bounce bro! Its gotta be a good investment if it becomes IoT standard.

Cryptocurrency is volatile now. Maybe it will be pumped tomorrow. Good luck ,man lol

Agreed IOTA looks very promising. Proof of it being even faster than ETH emerged.. I expect great things from them

Do you guys own Antshares? if not, check it out! Will be bigger than Ethereum... thank me later

Bitshares has similarities with ETH in its features, smart contracts etc.
There are 2,596 Mio bts, and only 92Mio eth circulating.
BTS is 30cts, ETH is over 350usd.

If the excitement and market cap ballooning the ethereum chain experienced was on bitshares, it would make it to 13usd per bitshare.

Wow man! I SOOO wish they can find a way around it. That would make my extra happy since I hold some BTS.
I think the technology is really undervalued ATM so... who knows what will happen.

Fingers crossed and keep the hard work up!

Well, err... Not sure how to feel. I think I got 20 BitShares somewhere.


Hey John, could you send me a link to Stan's blog? I'm willing to join the upcoming Hero contest.

Hi, @johnsmith If you have ever listened to podcasts what would be your recommendations?

So on OpenLedger am I correct in saying you need to have a wallet on your desktop or online for each coin you want to trade? You can't keep it on the OpenLedger website exchange?

Online - same as STEEM


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Thanks a bunch for sharing, namaste :)

I bought 1600 of these last week. If it hits >$100 ill be shouting strippers for all.

I really have to look into this! Again, thx for sharing this info!

You and me both have to look into this. I am a little scared of it all. I just started using computers and discovered they are not the monsters they use to be. Everything is confusing and a lot of slang and words that I don't know means I am spending a inordinate amount of time in a dictionary. lol Aloha!!!

Love your blog. Another great article!

This is useful info but does anyone know if it works when you live in canada? Because I have no idea how to access the money i put into a btc wallet. All I can do is watch it but no way to take it out. I also have Ltc and Eth

I really like BitShares, but I really think the UI needs an overhaul.

you think so? I actually like how it looks! :)

I think bitshares good for invest now and future.

Its the worst trading platform i have used

wasn't a member there but after this article I'm going to register

I'm looking forward to EOS! Did they say 20k transactions per second hmm 😳😬🙌🏼

Amazing stats of a great decentralize exchange platform.. Bitshares Rocks!

Looking forward to the EOS ICO. Thanks for posting.

Well since I am up so high with Ethereum maybe I can land similar luck with some of these altcoins. If a coin in the Top 10 in market capitalization and I don't have any I feel like I am missing out.

Good Info. Thanks

Huge news an the development of so many amazing news seems to be going in concordance with the uprise of cryptocurrencies in the global social consciousness! This is very exciting times and I feel like I can hardly .

This is why I included it in Part 1 of my Top 5 Coins to Invest in Today and Stash Away! In fact, only 19 hours after my post Decred saw a gain of 34%...

Nice post btw!

Can you give insight on The Billion Coin and the future of people who have invested in it? Because research has shown that acquired TBC can't be used to purchase anything or converted to cash.

I think it was a non decentralized entity and so it became obsolete....

nice article as usual. If you had a choice to recommend one of the above coins, Which one would it be?

Subscribed. Hey, can you do a post about Ubiq .. i believe it is undervalued. I want to say it is like ethereum but better ..more like its little brother. A think its a hidden gem. Any ubiq fans here?!?

Congratulations 💪👌
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Thanks for sharing. Good info for invest.

Thank you for your post thanks to you I will finally be able to look at the cost of crypto-currency on a reliable site that I can trust

ANS is also a good investment. Price is going very rapidly last few days. I still doubt the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a regular fiat currency by its very nature. Do you think governments will allow to grow a parallel economy where they have no control ?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around HERO. I started playing with it a couple days ago and reading up on some great posts by @biophil and replies by @stan. I'm confused right now as the settlement price is higher than the market price:

What will drive the price up above the settlement price? If the settlement price remains high, will people continue to short it into existence and immediately settle it? Do those who don't have enough collateral immediately get stuck converting at a higher price than they may have wanted? Is there a way to know what level of collateralized HERO is currently at risk for being asked to settle next? It's all so confusing for new people to wrap their heads around and seems like some wallstreet banker magic or something.

I agree. I tried to short some heros, then buy back later, but the actual volume is so low that the results are confusing. I think that this will be easier to manage when the hero project begins to create volume.

I have bought 36 currencies , now its turn of BITSHARES! 😉

It is one of the popular pairs. If you want huge %, try a unpopular pair and be patient.

Such a nice post to see. Now a days bitcoin is little bit low

A very nice post , complete details about the STEEM and its current Values ! The post is worth reading and spending your couple of minutes on it , Thumbs it !!!

steemit hard fork In 1 day what will happen

i just learnt something i never knew gives me an idea of investing more on crypto's even though i am new with the crypto-currency .

interesting times we live in, let's see where it takes us !!

Welcome to the platform, I wish everything work out for you. It’s not easy here but not difficult neither but just ask an extra effort, engagement is the key good luck I’m @zohaibkhan Start by following people and they will do the same.

If you heard of hacked exchanges - this one is decentralized, your wallet is your exchange.

THIS ^^^

the same idia ! i agree ! thx for sharing this !!

Great info. Still learning but thanks heaps.

I didn't know much about bitshares.
This was pretty useful

Thanks for the info. FWIW, I've observed Bitshares isn't the easiest exchange I've used. I couldn't transact. I wasted more time than I'd like in my efforts to take Membership as well as trade. I was using Chrome - silly me. Support suggested I try another browser; I tried Brave and all good. Just sayin'...

Thanks for sharing, I think steem price can go higher, like other cryptos. Also, had founded that reading this types of articles comes great with music. Check my latest post about the best wordwide electronic music podcast.


Thank you for the sharing, this is very useful for me :) @kingscrown Great job

Thanks for the info! Very helpful

Thanks for the info. I didn't know that Steem was built on Graphene!

I going to register after reading this . Thank you

good info -- helps me a lot thnx

Thanks for the info!

Good information very technical. Thanks

and steem just killed my bcn investment

I believe that Graphene coins are going to be the future currency... based on analyses... going to post tomorrow

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Ur posts are always a masterpeice to me...keep it up. Learnt a lot on bit share...

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What would you say is the best Graphene coin (beside steem) to invest?

hey thank you for doing these, even if they give me a bit of a nudge to do something they are valuable.

The information is very interesting, i will try and check it out.thanks for the infor.

If you are planning to use the Bitshares MAc platform, please dont use it. I have suffered a lot. Its the worst trading platform you can ever use.

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I did not know that Steem is tied to this, so thanks for sharing. I need to take more time to look into this. Do you think a decentralized exchange is as safe as a hardware wallet?

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It's great to see how the coins are connected. It gives you a different viewpoint whenever you look at the stats together, especially with the new coins. I'm interested to see what happens with BTS and STEEM in the future!

is it a good time to buy IOTA?

Seems so but still can tank a little before moon

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Just amazing what is going on....

I tried depositing some steem in bitshares, but there seems no option for it

Started using Bitshares earlier this week. Really cool. Excited for EOS to come

Hi @kingscrown, good post! I'm a new Steemian and recently joined the platform. It would be great if you could check out my blog and follow me if you like my content. Thanks!

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That is a lot of info. Do they offer a Steem University? LOL so much to learn.

BTS is showing consistently high volume but not much movement upwards on price in the past week. It needs a kick in the pants or needs to pop a viagra.

The blockchain is our new way to totally freedom who agrees?