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Bitshares is awesome!

  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Custom Token Creation
  • Trading
  • Fast as F***!
  • BTS is one of the very top crypto-currencies
  • Created by the Father of the STEEM Blockchain - Dan Larimer (aka @dan, @dantheman, bytemaster).

Bitshares may move to EOS, and become smart contract capable!

Check out Bitshares Hangout # 25

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Set up a Bitshares Account and Get Ready!

Genesis Mining ... Establish a Steady Supply of Crypto!

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Great to hear @kurtbeil! :)

I love BTS :)

Thanks for posting, Kurt.

I keep hearing about bitshares.

Saw the exponential rise...

But never bought into it.

Too late now?

It is never too late. As every currency dips yesterday, you probably have a good chance to join the train now.

bitshares as an asset yes, but it is much more. Bitshares is an exchange like Polo or Bittrex, but on the Blockchain. So you trade on the blockchain. It decentralises the (normally) oh so central exchanges. Your funds cannot get lost or stolen (unless you share your private key) / mt-goxxed as all your funds reside on the blockchain.

Check it out via https://bitshares.openledger.org or https://bitshares.org/wallet (many GUI interface, just like here with Steemit, Busy, ChainBB, Esteem)

You can at least try their wallet. You don't have to go other exchanges. It's kind of interesting... shows you the blockchain and tells you how long to wait for a confirmation on a transfer. I got some whaleshares and it's a learning curve but workable.

The thing about it being fast is true.

I have heard it will be $100+ by next summer, but who knows. I bought into bitshares a few months back. It is one of my top investments and I believe it will fly to the moon. I personally value it at $400 per bitshare within three years. Planning to hold all the way.

bitshares are good to me

I really need to look into bitshares.. I keep hearing about them

Thanks for sharing!! Let's go ETH!!! Upvoted and Followed!

does XEM can be exange there?

done that already lol xD

Is there an app under development or plans to make bitshares site accessible on my iPhone? Cheers!