$BTS/BTC Poloniex Technical Analysis / Market Report Update #110, May. 30, 2017.

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Hello Steemers!


1 day Poloniex chart - May. 28, 2017

1 day Poloniex chart - May. 30, 2017

4 hour Poloniex chart - May. 28, 2017

4 hour Poloniex chart - May. 30, 2017

1 hour Poloniex chart - May. 28, 2017

1 hour Poloniex chart - May. 30, 2017

Shortly after posting the last update, the price turned up, broke the 2670 resistance with that second try and went up to the 3k resistance making a new local high at 3.2k satoshi.
after trading around 3k satoshi for a few hours it started going down, making a new local low at 2.4k satoshi, but finding support at the 2670 line where it got pulled back up to.
On the 29th the price was traded rather flat between 2.9k and 2.6k satoshi, wioth the price rising to about 3k with the start of today's date, but then slowly coming back down to around 2.7k satoshi where it's traded at the oment.


BTS/BTC volume Poloniex May. 28, 2017

BTS/BTC volume Poloniex May. 30, 2017

BTS indexed global volume May. 28, 2017

BTS indexed global volume May. 30, 2017

Coinmarketcap top volume cryptos May. 28, 2017

Coinmarketcap top volume cryptos May. 30, 2017

Overall volume about 39% lower then on May 28, $BTS on 16th place on the volume rankings.
Poloniex volume about 39% lower then on May 28, volume ~1581 BTC.

Once again, I will post the comment by commenting as it involves my personal opinion!
Thank you for understanding!

If anyone has any questions or need's help fell free to ask, I will try to explain as fast and as best as I can.
Critics, comments, reply's, counters, advice's, etc. are always welcome!
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Are there more people who are doing TA?
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I am showing multiple scenarios on the price movement, in the post itself I do not take any stance, either bullish or bearish. I am not responsible for neither you’re winning nor you're losses upon trading! the "comment" section is my personal opinion and does not mean I have to or do hold any positions in the given market.
Everyone who uses TA develops his own unique charting style, please keep that in mind.

Kind regards, OZ



Depending on how the situation in the 2.7k-3k area resolves I see the price going either down to 2.2k to make a new higher local low or to the 3.6k resistance.
Given the overall uptrend situation in crypto I would slightly lean towards the upwards scenario and the 3.6k target being hit soon.

Always good to buy when it's blood red. Buy, buy, buy and then save up as much as possible ;)

No offense but I have a feeling that you have no idea how to draw lines on a chart. You should use the shadow not candlestick and in order to verify a trend-line you need at least 3 matching points not one.

no offense but I have the feeling you are the one who has no idea since this are no trend lines, I suggest you READ before commenting

nice...resteem and upvote for your...

Steem and BTS should slightly go up today.
I noticed all the other coins now have the same chart pattern as bitcoin on Coinmarketcap, i find it very strange.

Great post.

Either way i think bitshares will be very good if you HODL

Thanks, this made me look at Bitshares again. I'm still new to the scene, so honestly I have no clue what I'm doing. Any advice is appreciated lots! :)

bitshares is hard to trade and the platform is hard to access from China. Due to its lack of liquidity I have avoided trading in bitshares. There is a lot of hype on steemit about bitshares but I still can't see the specific advantage bitshares has over any other coin other than a distributed blockchain.

Thanks for the update!

Bts and steem going moon with EOS launch, hopefully!

If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice