$BTS/BTC Poloniex Technical Analysis / Market Report Update #111, June 21, 2017.

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Hello Steemers!


1 day Poloniex chart - May. 30, 2017

1 day Poloniex chart - June 21, 2017

4 hour Poloniex chart - May. 30, 2017

4 hour Poloniex chart - June 21, 2017

1 hour Poloniex chart - May. 30, 2017

1 hour Poloniex chart - June 21, 2017

Since May 30 the price has done a major uptrend move, making a new all time high at 17.6k satoshi on the 10th of June.
After the making of the new all time high it retraced down to 9.5k satoshi after which followed a bounce resulting in a lower local high at 16.5k satoshi.
Since then the price has been flattening out around 11.5k satoshi which seem to be providing a good support for ow now.
At the moment it's traded around 11.4k satoshi.


BTS/BTC volume Poloniex May. 30, 2017

BTS/BTC volume Poloniex June 21, 2017

BTS indexed global volume May. 30, 2017

BTS indexed global volume June 21, 2017

Coinmarketcap top volume cryptos May. 30, 2017

Coinmarketcap top volume cryptos June 21, 2017

Overall volume about 800% higher then on May 30, $BTS on 7th place on the volume rankings.
Poloniex volume about 201% higher then on May 28, volume ~1581 BTC.

Once again, I will post the comment by commenting as it involves my personal opinion!
Thank you for understanding!

If anyone has any questions or need's help fell free to ask, I will try to explain as fast and as best as I can.
Critics, comments, reply's, counters, advice's, etc. are always welcome!
Have my charts helped you in any way?Let me know with a comment below :)
Are there more people who are doing TA?
Please post the links to your TA's posts into the comments as well!

I am showing multiple scenarios on the price movement, in the post itself I do not take any stance, either bullish or bearish. I am not responsible for neither you’re winning nor you're losses upon trading! the "comment" section is my personal opinion and does not mean I have to or do hold any positions in the given market.
Everyone who uses TA develops his own unique charting style, please keep that in mind.

Kind regards, OZ


Thanks brather..
Semangat semoga Nanggro aceh besejahtera dan Ekonomi Masyarakat yg makmur.

kasihan saudara" kita yg masih hidup dibawah garis kemiskinan dan tempat tinggal yg tdk layak huni,,,semoga dgn kepemimpinan bapak aceh menjadi makmur, amin semoga terujud.

Ini bisa jadi pelajaran bagi kami semua pak.
Sekaluli lagi terima kasih.

English please? :)

Agreed, I'd like to hear it in English too ...

It appears to be in Indonesian. From Google Translate:

Thanks brather ..
Hopefully the spirit of Nanggro aceh besejahtera and prosperous society economy.
Pity brother "we are still living under the poverty line and habitable residence ,,, hopefully with the leadership of father aceh become prosperous, amen hopefully materialized.
This could be a lesson for us all pack.
Thank you again.

I don't ow if you have noticed bu poloniex atm has sbd disabled due to the high boom.
I think they will keep it disabled for now.
I have 20 sbd that's stuck atm and a lot of people are stuck on transfers.. Check out my post and a resteem would be good to spread the word so others don't go through this.
Cheers and much love ❤︎

Before good talk about poloniex you tell me what should i do for my missing payment by @poloniex. @poloniex get it, but don't send it to poloniex.com . Dont have any waya to contact with @poloniex. and poloniex.com has a support senter, but no one response.


I don't think there is much more then to wait for support to reply, they will probably ask you to find a transaction ID which u can find here https://steemd.com/@sharmin

Awrsome. I love the way you compared in two dates. Will follow your next analysis as I like technical analysis myself.


I like the way how you go about digging all the other info I don't usually look into, also looking at the overall market cap. Did a TA and from my perspective it is positioned well for a buy, with a good R:R (if setting a stop loss, if not it wouldn't matter). Even if it reaches back down to near 10K satoshis and retest the recent low as of yesterday -Cheers

I agree, we are in a buy area, BTS, Imho has a bright future,
Will be checking ur channel :) always like to see other's charts, everyone has their unique style and one can learn a bit from everybody :)

@ozchartart how I wish to better my knowledge in the technical analysis.

If you are a beginner I would advise to start on https://www.babypips.com/, and to use it along with http://www.investopedia.com/ and https://www.tradingview.com/
Babypips will provide you with all the basics that are needed to understand charting IMHO

I do use tradingview.com. thanks for the tips


(As seen on the 2 screenshots bellow), I pulled 2(yellow) lines on the 4h chart and then finetuned with the blue ones in the hourly
Pulled 2 more support levels (white) at 6.9 and 9.2k

If the bottom yellow till blue area breaks I would expect the price to go down towards the next support (9.2k) which could result in a heavier downtrend all the way down to 5k satothi.

If the bottom "yellow till blue" area shows to provide enough support I expect the price to go towards the top "yellow till blue" area where I expect some harder resistance, and if that breaks new all time highs are expected imho.

4 hour


Padim na tamoeng peng bang nyan? Na meu saboh kameng?
Lon sampe uroe nyo galomna kameng, neubloe sineuk mangat kumee keunan. Mangat tatot sama² beh.

Na awak nyan hinan bak kuee kakbmaryam kama yg tinggai di alu awee cot murong bang, sep hawa ka boh mamplam.

Cool post ozchartart. Can you possibly do a technical analysis on Antshares? on bittrex . Thank you!

Will do, but cannot promise it will be today

Very useful Thank you for doing this! it saves us a lot of time! very useful
relay appreciate the time and effort you put in to make this analysis

Thanks a lot for your looking into this. Bitshares seems like a decent investment but I will have to do some more research. It currently seems quite volatile to a degree, but that is a common quality of crypto.

wow amazing now i know how this work its alot of info i will study it one more time please keep feeding us with more thank .

These technical charts really frustrate me...I m not able to understand how these sparking wires works😭😭😭😭

wonderful , keep the good job

good post and i followed you too

Hello @ozchartart ! This is quite an interesting read, and to be honest with you, I don't even think I understood everything, so I will have to go through everything and read a few more times for me to wrap my mind around it.

I do appreciate you taking the time to make this, and share your knowledge with us, and I am sure that I'm not the only one that thinks this way :)

You have my full support, followed, resteemed, upvoted! Keep it up!

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I'm going to include you, @ozchartart, as a good resource for studying altcoins in my recent post. Check it out if you've got a moment! Thanks for the great work!

thanx man!!nice post

I have started buying ethereum. Do you have an idea on the price it will reach by the end of 2017? I am guessing $500.

I have not used Poloniex to trade but I have been thinking on bringing over my ETH.

Thanks for the post

Good Analysis
Keep it up
Technical Analysis is key for predicting financial markets

Thanks for the post, very informative



Seems like we're going to break up soon https://jp.tradingview.com/x/KxKqUTdp/ could just be my imagination. I don't see why $BTSBTC could end up under the cloud on the 4HR chart.

I'd like to hear more of your comments, there were very insightful. What timescale do you use the most? Thanks for sharing!

glad you're back :)

Great read. Follow me for the latest tech headlines from my paid subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

Wow, we're still blowing reward money on this guy?

Thanks for the great post. Do you use any indicators while looking at these charts?

Do you guys know about Antshares? let's focus what is going on in the next few hours... Antshares conference in China! get some, and thank me later.


As BTC go down, BTS go up.

Go Long Now and Exit when BTC 2570.

Have a good day!

I literally have never seen more supernovas than on bittrex. Poloniex not so much because they have less coins, but on Bittrex they're all over. If you're not familiar with a 'Supernova' price action pattern:


great report

thank you for sharing

Nice work man! Thank you for this! #follow

I've done some of my own STEEM analysis. Mind you I'm new to crypto trading. But i'm not new in the generals markets. It takes some time to get used to an instrument and it's movements. But this is my best guess of what's supposed to happen. check it out here:

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